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Unity is Strength

Narrator: This is a small play depicting the importance of Unity. Here is an old man in a village. He has 4 children. He is worried because his children are always fighting among themselves.

Scene: All the children are fighting with each other.

Child 1: Father, he (II) does not work at all. He is very lazy.

Child 2: You are lazy and cunning. I hate you. Father, I don't want to live with him.

Child 3: Father, he always takes away my things.

Child 4: Don't lie in front of father. Father, he is a liar.

Father: Children !! Enough. For God sake stop fighting. Come here.

(They all come near him)

Father: Each one of you go and get a stick from our backyard.

(They all come back with a stick)

Together: Father, we have the sticks.

Father: Now, break them in to pieces.

Children: Yes, we did. That was so easy.

Father: Now, tie all those pieces together with a string.

Children: Here it is ready.

Father: Now try to break it.

Children: Father!! It's not breaking. It's strong now.

Father: All of you learn from this simple example. You could break them when they were single but could not even bend them when they were together.

Child 1: Yes father. Now we understand that Unity is Strength.

Child 2: We promise you that we will never fight and separate.

Child 3: We shall always work and live together.

Child 4: "Sanghatan Me, Shakti Hein"

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Chandrashekhar Azad, young freedom fighter

Narrator: August 15th is an important day for all of us. It is the independence day of Bharat. All of us have our cultural roots in Bharat. It was ruled by British for more than 150 years until 1947. Many people have fought for independence. Men, women and even young children like us made great sacrifices. We shall pay our respects to all of them by enacting an inspiring episode from the life of a young freedom fighter - Chandrashekhar Azad .

The year was 1906. In the city of Kashi, people are protesting the British rule.

(Scene: Many people are marching in the road with slogans)

Vande - Maataram, Bharat Maataa ki Jai (3 times)

Police Officer: STOP. Everybody go home now. Otherwise we will beat you to death.

One protestor: NO. We will not go home.

Second protestor: We shall die here fighting for our freedom.

Police Officer: I will count to 5. 5-4-3-2-1; CHARGE

(Police started beating the people who were holding tricolor flag. A young girl was also beaten. Chandrashekhar saw this and got angry).

Chandrashekhar: How dare you beat my sister! Take this. (Throws a stone at Police's forehead and he starts bleeding)

Police: Hey, Catch hold of that boy.

Narrator: He was brought to the court. Judge was British.

(In the court)

Judge: What is your name ?

Chandrashekhar: My name ? AZAAD, Freedom. "me aazaad huun, aur aazaad hii rahoongaa"

Judge: Look at his arrogance. Punish him with 16 lashes.

(He was brought to ground for lashes)

Police: Get ready.

For every lash, he will shout "Vande Maataram".

Finally faints.

Police: 1-2-3-14-15-16

Bharat-Maataa-Ki Jai

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Greatest Devotee

Narrator: Sage Narada was a great devotee of Lord Vishnu. All the time he keeps chanting the name of Sri Narayana.

(Sage Narada enters the stage chanting a Bhajan on Narayana or simply chanting Narayana, Narayana)

Narrator: Once, ego entered in to the minds of sage Narada. He started boasting about himself as the greatest devotee of Lord Vishnu. One day sage Narada went to see Bhagavan Vishnu in Vaikunta.

(Setting: Vishnu will be sleeping in his usual style by resting his head on his hand. His consort Lakshmi will be sitting near his feet. Narada enters Vaikunta)

Narada: "Narayana, Narayana"

Lakshmi: Sage Narada is coming.

Vishnu: O Narada, please come in. You always bring so much of joy to me.

Narada: Srimannarayana, I enjoy chanting your name all the time. Can I ask you a question ? Vishnu: Why that hesitation Narada ? Being one of my dearest devotees, will I say NO to you ?

Narada: That's my question. You said, 'Being one of my dearest devotees'. I thought I'm the greatest devotee of you. Is there any other devotee who will come close to me ?

Vishnu: O Narada, there are many.

Narada: How can there be any devotee equal to me ? I chant your name all the time. Even in my dream, I chant your names.

Vishnu: Narada, please go and see this farmer in the village of Bhakta-graam. His name is Haridas.

(Setting: Farmer Haridas is sleeping with his family. With the sounds of early morning birds, he wakes up. Narada will be watching from the corner.)

Haridas: (looking t his palm) "karaagre vasate Lakshmi, kara madhye Saraswati

Kara muule to govindah prabhaate kara darshanam"

Narayana, Narayana, please make this day a divine one. Let all my actions be offered to you.

Radha (Haridas's wife): Pati dev, I have prepared breakfast for you.

Haridas: Let us offer it to Lord Vishnu first. (places the breakfast in front of Vishnu's murti and offers prayers). Radha, keep some of this food for offering to guests. (Then, he takes his breakfast and after eating says "krishnaarpanamastu")

Narrator: Haridas went to farm. While working in the farm, he chanted "Narayana" few times and when he came back, did pooja to Vishnu and had dinner. Before sleeping, he again chanted "Narayana" few times.

(Setting: Back to Vaikunta)

Narada: (With anger) O Lord Vishnu, you are not fair in your judgement on devotees. I saw Haridas in Bhakta-graam. He chanted your name only 20 times in the entire day. I chant not less than 1000 times. How come he is a better devotee than me ?

Vishnu: O Narada, I will explain to you. Please calm down.

Go to the kitchen and bring some water in a pot.

(Narada goes inside and brings a pot of water)

Vishnu: Narada, keep this pot on your head and balance it. Walk 100 feet like that.

(Narada does a delicate balance with all the attention).

Narada: Now tell me why Haridas is a better devotee ?

Vishnu: Narada, when you were walking while balancing the pot, how many times did you chant my name ?

Narada: No, I did not remember you even once. I was too engrossed in balancing the pot on my head.

Vishnu: Narada, Haridas is a family holder. His work is like balancing the pot on the head. In spite of that, he remembers me so many times.

Narada: (Does a namaskar to Vishnu) Bhagvaan Vishnu, you have removed the ego that covered me. Give me your blessings so that I will never get caught up in the ego again.

Vishnu: So be it, my child.

Narada: (leaves the place chanting) "Narayana, Narayana"

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Mahishaasura Mardhini

Scene 1

Narrator: Long ago, there was a wicked demon called Mahishasura. He wanted to rule the entire world and trouble all the people. To become the most powerful, here he is doing a severe penance to Lord Brahma.

Mahishaasura: om namo brahma devaaya.. om namo brahma devaaya... [keeps repeating]

Lord Brahma: [appearing from the side] O Mahisha, open your eyes.

Mahishaasura: Bless me my Lord. Please fulfill my wishes.

Lord Brahma: Mahisha, I'm pleased with your devotion and penance. What do you seek?

Mahishaasura: [with pride] Lord, I do not want to die. I want to rule the entire universe.

Please make me an immortal.

Lord Brahma: O Mahisha, you are asking for the impossible. Everyone must die. Seek something else.

Mahishasura: Then, please make me so strong that no man shall be able to kill me. Not even the Gods.

Lord Brahma: Tathaastu. So Be it, Mahisha.

Mahishaasura: Hmmm...., I am the strongest. Nobody can kill me now. I'm the Lord. Everyone should worship me. Yes, all should serve the great Mahishaasura.... ha, haa...haaaa [roars]

Scene 2

Narrator: The all powerful Mahishaasura looks around and sees a group of sages offering prayers to Lord Indra, the king of Gods.

Sages [all together]: [are sitting around a fire and praying]

Om sahanaavavatu, shanau bhunaktu
Sahaveeryam karavaavahai
Tejasvinaa vadhiitamastu
Maa vidvishaavahai, Om shaantih shaantih shaantihi
om agnaye swaahaa.., agnaye idam na mama...
om varuNaaya swaahaa.., varuNaaya idam na mama...
om indraaya swaahaa.., indraaya idam na mama...

Mahishaasura: Who? Indra? Oh, Sages, you should offer your prayers to me. I am the Lord. Go away from here. Never ever try to insult me. Go...

Scene 3

[Lord Vishnu, Shiva and Brahma are in the center of the stage. All the other gods are in front of him with folded hands.]

Lord Indra: Lord, please protect the world from the wicket Mahishaasura.

Lord Shiva: Listen, oh, Gods. No individual can defeat the demon Mahishaasura.

Lord Brahma: But, there is a way.

Lord Vishnu: The united strength of all of you alone can destroy him. May goddess Parvati take the form of Chamundeshwari. All of you must give her your arms. With hundreds of arms and weapons, she will kill Mahishaasura.

All Gods [take out their weapons, raise both the hands and start shouting]

Saraswati: take all my power

Lakshmi: Take all my wealth and strength

Indra: Take my vajraayudha.the diamond sword

Shiva: Take my trishul

Vishnu: The the sacred disc "The sudarshana

All other gods together say: take all our weapons...

"Jai chamundeshwari", "jai kaali", "jai durga",

"Jai chamundeshwari", "jai kaali", "jai durga",

[thus saying all leave the stage]

Scene 4

[Goddess Durga enters the stage with a trishul in her hand. All gods follow her, saying "jai kaali", "jai durge".. Mahishaasura enters from the other side. Looks at goddess Durga and comes fast to kill her with his sword. Goddess Durga hits him with her trishul. Mahishaasura falls down.

ayi giri nandini, nandita medini
vishwa vinodini nandanute....

Gods also join while saying:

"jaya jaya hey mahishaasura mardhini, ramyaka pardhini shailasute" They sing 3 stanzas. After the bhajan, the back stage singers shout "jai jai maata", all Gods on the stage say "durgaa maataa"; continues for a couple of times.

[ Narrator starts introducing the artists. One by one all leave the stage.]

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Parvathi Kalyana

Narrator: This is the palace of the king Himavat. Menaka is his wife. Today every one in the palace is very happy. Menaka had a baby!

( We will have small REAL baby on the stage.)

An elderly lady: Oh! It's a girl. Very cute. Let's call her Parvati.

Narrator: years went by and Parvati grew up to be a beautiful girl.

( Now Parvati comes on stage)
Menaka( To parvati): Parvati, it's time you get married.

Parvati: Oh! Mother ( she feels very shy. Show that in action )

Menaka (To Himavat): You should find a suitable boy for Parvati

Himavat: I know, but I cannot think of any one worthy enough.

Narrator: One day sage Narada visited Himavat

( Narada enters singing Narayana Narayana and has a tamboora in his hand)

Narada: Narayana, Narayana.

Himavat: Parvati, come here. Sage Narada has come.

Parvati: Coming father

Narada(To Himavat): Himavat, your daughter will marry none other than mighty Lord Shiva

( Narada leaves the palace singing Narayana, Narayana)

Himavat: But, Shiva is sitting in deep meditation. OH! (An idea flashed to him)

Himavat(to Menaka): Menaka, I'l send paravati to serve Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva cannot resist her charms.

Menaka: Great Idea!

Himavat: Parvati, come here

Parvati: Coming father.

Himavat: Parvati, will you serve Lord Shiva with your friends ?

Parvati: Okay father. We have seen him in the forest doing penance. Let's go.

Narrator: They all came to Lord Shiva

Himavat(To Shiva): Lord, you have no one to help you. My daughter Parvati can help you

Shiva: Let them help. I'm greatful for your help.

Narrator: Parvati started serving Shiva with great interest.

( Parvati and her friends clean the place and start collecting flowers )

Shiva: Parvati, have you collected the flowers for the Pooja ?

Parvati: Here they are my Lord.

(Parvati takes the broom stick to clean the place)

Mahima(Parvati's friend): Parvati, come on, let's play

Parvati: One moment. Let me clean Lord's prayer seat first.

( Parvati fanned Shiva gently when he was doing meditation )

Narrator: Paravati started loving Shiva with all her heart. Meanwhile, there was trouble in heaven. Taraka, the wicked demon was troubling the gods and people. Indra, the king of gods, went to Brahma and begged for help. Brahma said, "I'm helpless. A son born to Shiva and Parvati can kill Taraka. No one else can". So, Indra went to Kama.

Kama: What can I do for you my Lord ?

Indra: I want you to tempt Shiva to fall in love with Parvati.

Kama: Okay. (Looking at his wife Rati), Rati, come on. Let's go.

( They come to Shiva and started dancing to disturb Shiva's penance. We can have background music and Kama and Rati can dance.)

Shiva: (Showing great anger on his face) Who is disturbing my penance ?

Narrator: Lord Shiva opened his third eye and Kama was burnt to ashes.

Parvati: I have failed to impress Lord Shiva. I'll go back to my father's place.

(Parvati leaves for her father's house)

Rati: Of what use is my life without Kama ? I'll also die.

Narrator: A heavenly voice stopped her.

Heavenly voice: "Hold on Rati. Parvati will win Shiva by penance and on their wedding day, your husband will come to life again.

Narrator: In the palace of Himavat..

Parvati( to Menaka): Mom, my beauty has failed to impress Lord Shiva. I'll do penance and win Shiva this time.

Narrator: Parvati wore a simple dress and started doing penance. She slept on cold damp and ate nothing for days. With great devotion, she was worshipping Lord Shiva.

( parvati will be sitting and chanting "Om namah Shivaaya..")

Narrator: One day, a Brahmin came to her

(Parvati gets up and bows to him)

Brahmin: Parvati, why are you taking all these troubles ?

Parvati: I'm devoted to Lord Shiva.

Brahmin: Go home girl. Shiva is not good enough for you.

Parvati: STOP. Do not talk about my Lord like that. He is a great man.

Narrator: That Brahmin was none other than Lord Shiva himself. (Brahmin leaves and Shiva comes on stage)

Shiva: Oh Parvati, I'm pleased with your devotion and Penance. I shall marry you.

Narrator: years went by. A beautiful boy was born to Shiva and Parvati. His name was Kartikeya. Kartikeya grew up to be a strong man.

In the war, he led the gods and killed the demon Taraka ( The battle takes place, as he narrates)

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Narrator: Mrikandhu was a great rishi who lived with his beloved wife Marudhavathi. Both of them were a great devotee of Lord Shiva. For a long time they had no children, so they prayed to Lord Shiva for a child.

SCENE 1: (Both Sage Mrikandhu and wife praying to Lord Shiva)
(  Singing bhajans and chanting “OM NAMAH SHIVAYA”)

Lord Shiva: I am pleased with you. Tell me , what do you ask from me?

Sage Mrikandhu: Oh Lord! Please give us a child.

Lord Shiva: Do you want one very intelligent son, who will live for only 16 years or Do you want 100 children who will all live long but be foolish?

Sage Mrikandhu & wife : Please give us just one intelligent son.

Lord Shiva: So be it  (Thathastu)

Narrator: Soon Marudhavathi gave birth to a lovely son. They named him Markandeya. He grew up to be very intelligent . Sage Mrikandhu invested him with the sacred thread. In no time Markandeya learned the Shastras and the vedas. He was loved by one and all.

SCENE 2: (Sage Mrikandhu teaching Markandeya )

Narrator: As the boy grew older, Sage Mrikandhu and wife Marudhavati become very sad.
One day,

SCENE 3: (Marudhavathi shedding tears and Sage Mrikandhu looking very sad. Markandeya enters , looks at his parents and is surprised)

Markandeya: Father! Why are you so sad? Mother, why are you crying ? What happened?

Sage Mrikandhu: What shall I say my son, when Lord shiva gave you to us he said you will be alive only for 16 years.

Marudhavathi: How can father and I bear to lose you. You are all that we have.

Markandeya: Father – Mother , Do not worry, Lord Shiva is very kind to all his devotees. I have full faith in him. The puranas claim that all those who are his true devotees and worship him sincerely day and night will be protected by him. I am sure he will save me.

(Sage Mrikandhu with tears in his eyes blesses his son)

Narrator: Markandeya built a Shiva Linga at a spot near the sea shore. He started to worship the Shiva Linga morning , noon and night. He sang bhajans and often revealed in the thoughts of Lord Shiva. He performed rigourous tapas too. Soon it was Markandeya’s last day on earth. Lord Yama send his Yamadhootaas to fetch him.

SCENE 4: (Yamadhootaas coming to earth in search of Markandeya.)

Yamadhoota No.1: Hey look there he is, come on lets get him.

Yamadhoota No.2: But he is in deep mediatation, he seems to be a great bhakta of Lord Shiva.  Lets not go near him for we will fall a prey to Lord Shiva’s anger.

(They run away from the scene to report to Lord Yama)


Lord Yama: Where is Markandeya? Why did you not bring him alongwith you?

Yamadhoota No.1: Oh Lord! We did find him but on seeing him deep in meditation, we were afraid to go near him or touch him. Please will you forgive us, please….

Lord Yama: Cowards ! I think I have to take care of this myself

( Gets up and walks away with the Dhootas following behind)


Lord Yama : Stop your prayers, Markandeya. Your life in this world is over. Be ready to die.

(Markandeya keeps chanting  MRUTHUNJAYA MANTRA )
(Then Lord Yama throws the noose around Markandeya and pulls him alongwith the shiva linga. Immediately Lord Shiva appears )

Lord Shiva:  Yama ! go away ! Do not touch Markandeya . He is my beloved devotee and he will live forever.
( Lord Yama leaves surprised .Markandeya starts to pray more fervently …)
The prayer at the end of each verse says “ What can Death do to me? .

Lord Shiva:  ( Blesses Markandeya) “ Aayushyamaan Bhava – Chiranjeevi Bhava “

SCENE 7 : (Markandeya comes running to parents)

Markandeya: Father – Mother, Lord Shiva appeared before me and blessed me. You are free from all your worries. Come lets all pray to him who showers infinite grace on all.


Narrator : Markandeya indeed proved to be a great devotee of Lord Shiva. He grew up to be a great sage and continued to serve his parents for a very long time. His fame spread far and wide and even today he is always praised as a child hero.

‘Om Namah Shivaya’

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Narrator : In the ashram of Rishi Sandeepany both Krishna and Sudama were classmates. After the gurukula abhyas was over. Both krishna and Sudama parted biding tearful farewell to each other.
Sudama was very poor and lived on charity. After he was married not only he but his wife too did not have enough to eat and wear. They lived in a small shack ,contended with what they had and his wife served him with lot of devotion. Days passed and now they had children to look after. His wife once gently reproached Sudama and said ;

Scene 1 :

Sudama’s wife: We are not having anything to eat for the past two days. The children are hungry too.

Sudama : What shall I do?

Sudama’s wife: Lord Krishna, master of Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth is your dear friend. To those who love him and worship him sincerely he gives his own self. Why don’t you ask him for some help?

Sudama : He is a king now I hope he remembers me. Ok…..i will go and meet him.
Give me something to take for my friend krishna.

Narrator: wife prepares some puffed rice and bundles it in an old torn piece of cloth and gives it to Sudama.
Sudama all along the way thinks of Shri krishna and feels blessed that he would be meeting his dear friend again. He chants “Om namo bhagavate Vasudevaya”……..
When Sudama reaches Dwaraka he is all excited to meet Lord Krishna. He reaches the gates of the palace and walks in ……….

Scene 2:
Guard 1: Who are you? You cannot go inside?

Sudama: I am krishna’s friend, Sudama

Guard 2: Ha…Ha..(laughs) Are you crazy? Look at yourself?

Guard 1: You cannot be Lord Krishna’s friend ! Go away……

Scene 3: Krishna along with Rukmini, his wife are enjoying the dance(raas leela). Suddenly Krishna gets up, leaves the court and runs towards the gates.

Guard 3: Maharaj a poor man is standing outside and calling himself your friend.

Krishna: (runs) Oh Sudama where have you been all this time. I missed you. How are you?

Sudama: (with tears of hapiness) Oh Krishna (hugs him) I have been thinking of you all the time. How are you? Its been so long. My eyes have yearned to see you……

Scene 4:

Rukmini: I have never seen Krishna so happy before!
Krishna: Come here my friends, please sit down

Krishna: Get me some warm water to wash the feet of my dear friend he must be really tired.
Krishna: Pour some water let me wash my beloved friend’s feet.

Narrator: Krishna and Rukmini with great devotion and love wash the feet of Sudama.Give him refreshments while Rukmini fanned him.All the courtiers wondered why Krishna gave such special treatment to a ragged old man.

Krishna: (teasingly) What have you got for me ? what is that in your hand…….

Sudama: (shy and surprised) where……no…nothing…

Krishna: I know you have something for me….give me
(Krishna takes the bag of puffed rice from Sudama)

Krishna: Ah…..you got puffed rice for me ? ( opening the bag and eating all of it) this is so good. I have never tasted food such good in years.

Rukmini: My lord don’t eat everything now it is not good for your stomach. Keep some for tomorrow.
Narrator: That night Sudama slept like a king in Krishna’s palace. Next morning he bade his friend an affectionate farewell . His heart overflowing with love Sudama proceeded on his journey home. 
Sudama reaches his village and finds a magnificient palace in the place of his hut and thinks he has lost his way. But his wife and children welcome him .

S.wife: My lord look at all this. We are all rich again.

Sudama: This is all Lord Krishna’s leela. He is great ….he know everything.


Sudama realised that all this was Krishna ‘s gift to him. Thereafter he and his wife lived a pure life avoiding excesses inspite of their wealth serving the needy.

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Balkand of Ramayan


1.    Sri Ram
2.    Lakshman
3.    Dasharatha
4.    Vasishtha
5.    Sumantra
6.    Vishwamitra
7.    Dwarpal
8.    Sita
9.    Tadaka
10.   Mareecha
11.   Subahu
12.   Janaka
13.   Prince 1
14.   Prince 2
15.   Prince 3

Narration: Italicised sentences will be spoken by the narrator.

King of Kosala, Dasharatha of the Raghu dynasty descended from Suryadev, sat in his court discussing matters of importance with his trusted minister Sumantra and kulaguru Vasishtha.

Scene I

Sumantra: Maharaj, all the officials of the kingdom report that all is well in the kingdom. The people are happy and are full of joy that they now will have a king after you.

Dasharatha: That is good to know Arya Sumantra.

Dwarpal: Maharaj ki Jai. Maharishi Vishwamitra has arrived at the palace gates.

Dasharatha [standing up]: What, Maharishi Vishwamitra! Here! What could it be? Sumantra, please show him in with all respect.

Sumantra [bowing]: As you wish my lord.

Sumantra and Dwarpal exit. Dasharatha sits down.

Vasishtha: Maharaj, it is a very good sign that the great Maharishi has come here. A man like him will not approach anyone without some universal purpose that he wants fulfilled.

Dasharatha: Gurudev, I feel truly honoured by the Maharishi’s arrival.

Dwarpal [bowing]: Maharishi Vishwamitra is arriving my lord.

Dwarpal exits. Sumantra and Maharishi Vishwamitra enter together.

Dasharatha [standing up and touching the feel of Maharishi Vishwamitra]: Today the clan of Raghus has been honoured by the arrival of a great sage such as yourself.

Vishwamitra [raising his hand in blessing]: Rajan, may you ever prosper.

Dasharatha: Please honour me by sitting my lord.

Vishwamitra: Rajan, I am afraid that I have not come here to sit neither to partake in the pleasures of the palace life. I have come here for a very important task that only you can fulfill.

Dasharatha: Command me my lord. My armies, my ministers and I myself are always at the disposal of men like you who protect Sanatan Dharma.

Vishwamitra: Rajan, Mareecha and Subahu, the sons of Tadaka, have been interrupting my yajnas. They hold extraordinary powers and cannot be stopped by your armies.

Dasharatha: Maharishi, please command me. I will do whatever it takes to protect your yajnas. I give you my word.

Vishwamitra: King, I only need you to send Ram and Lakshman with me.

Dasharatha [surprised]: Ram and Lakshman! Maharishi, they are only boys. How can they face the demons? No no, it would be foolishness to expect the boys to face upto Mareecha and Subahu.

Vishwamitra: Rajan, they are well upto the task. However, if you don’t wish to send them, I will leave.

Dashratha [with folded hands]: Oh please Maharishi. Please command me to go with you. I shall protect your ashram myself. But please don’t ask me to send Ram and Lakshman.

Vishwamitra: O King, I cannot take you away from your daily duties just to protect my ashram. It would be against Dharma to do so. I only need Ram and Lakshman.

Vasishtha: Maharaj, Maharishi Vishwamitra is a great man. If he wants, he can kill Mareecha and Subahu in the blink of an eye. There must be some reason why he wants to take Ram and Lakshman. Please let them go. Only good will come out of this.

Sumantra: I concur Maharaj. The Maharishi would not come without some deep purpose in his mind.

Dasharatha: As you command Gurudev. But my heart shivers with fear. Dwarpal, please ask Ram and Lakshman to come here.

Dwarpal [bowing]: As you wish my lord.

Dwarpal exits, then re-enters.

Dwarpal: Maharaj, Kumar Ram and Lakshman are here.

Dwarpal leaves. Ram and Lakshman touch the feet of their father, then of Kulaguru Vasishtha and the Maharishi Vishwamitra. They also salute Sumantra.

Shri Ram: Pitaji, I, Ram, your son, am here at your command.

Dasharatha: My dear son, I have a very difficult task for you.

Sri Ram: Father, us Raghuvanshis are not scared of even death. Please command me.

Dasharatha: I want you and your brother Lakshman to go with Maharishi Vishwamitra to protect his ashram and his yajnas.

Ram and Lakshman [bowing with folded hands]: As you command dear father.

Maharishi Vishwamitra, Ram and Lakshman leave together.

End of Scene I

Scene II

The trio walk to the ashram of Maharishi Vishwamitra which is deep in the forest. On their way, they come to the shores of River Ganga.

Vishwamitra: Ram, Lakshman, behold the Holy Ganga river. First pay your respects to her.

Ram and Lakshman salute the holy river with folded hands.

Vishwamitra: Ram, Lakshman did you know that your ancestor Bhagiratha was the one who brought her to the earth from the heavens?

Lakshman: Gurudev, I had heard of this story from Ram Bhaiyya himself.

Vishwamitra: Very well. Now I will instruct you both on two types of weapons Bala and Atibala, that will assist you to overcome the powers of illusion used by demons.

Ram and Lakshman: As you command Gurudev.

Vishwamitra says “Om” and mumbles the mantra in the ears of Sri Ram and then Lakshman.

Vishwamitra: Come my children, let us proceed towards the ashram.

They all walk away.

End of Scene II

Scene III

Noises from the background “Ho ho ho ha ha ha. Who is it that will become Tadaka’s lunch today. Ho ho ho”

Vishwamitra: Careful Ram. This is the demon Tadaka. She has a lot of special powers. Use the weapons I have taught you.

Sri Ram: As you command Gurudev.

Lakshman: Bhaiyya, please be careful even though I know you will defeat Tadaka.

Sri Ram: Don’t worry Lakshman.

Tadaka: Oh, what have we here. Two princes with Vishwamitra. I will have a lot to eat after a long time. Here I come.

So saying, Tadaka attacks the trio but Sri Ram strikes her down with an arrow. Tadaka falls to the ground.

Lakshman: Sri Ramchandra ki Jai!

End of Scene III

Scene IV

The three arrive at the ashram of Maharishi Vishwamitra. Vishwamitra then starts to perform his yajna. Sri Ram and Lakshman stand guard.

Vishwamitra: Om idam agneya idam na mam. Om idam indraye idam na mam.

Mareecha: Subahu, do you hear this. Looks like Vishwamitra has not learnt his lesson. Let us go and send him running again. It will be a lot of fun.

Subahu: Yes Mareecha. I too am bored and a little fun wouldn’t hurt me.

Mareecha and Subahu reach the ashram and pounce upon the yajna.

Sri Ram: Lakshman, I will take care of Subahu. You take care of Mareecha.

Lakshman: As you command Bhaiyya.

Both the brothers draw arrows with special powers and invoke the relevant mantra.

Lakshman [shooting at Mareecha]: Take that you vile demon!

Subahu is instantly killed by Sri Ram and Mareecha is hurt very badly. However, he runs for his life and escapes.

Lakshman: Great job Bhaiyya. Bolo Sri Ram Chandra ki Jai!

Vishwamitra is very pleased at both of them and blesses them.

Vishwamitra: Ram, we will leave for the kingdom of Mithila tomorrow. I have some important work there. Be ready at sunrise.

Sri Ram: As you command Gurudev.

End of Scene IV

Scene V

All three arrive in Mithila and are welcomed in the city. They go to the court of King Janak who is holding a swayamvar for his daughter. Sita is seated in the women’s section, in a balcony overlooking the royal court.

Janak: Gathered kings and princes. You honour me by your presence. I have called you here for the swayamvar of my daughter Sita. The condition is that the famous Bow of Shiva, which lies before you, must be strung. Now this is no ordinary bow and it takes eight people to even lift it. But my daughter Sita had once playfully picked it up with one hand and moved it. From that day, I had pledged that whoever can string this bow shall marry my beloved daughter Sita, and no one else. Gathered princes, you are now free to come and try your might.

Prince 1: Ha ha ha, I can do it without any problem king. I will then marry the beautiful Sita. Ha ha ha.

Prince 1 attempts to pick up the bow but can’t even move it. He goes back to his seat humiliated. Prince 2 comes forward.

Prince 2 [pointing at Prince 1]: You should never have gotten up. It is I who am  destined to marry the lovely Sita.

He too tries to lift the bow but fails. He sits down as well. Prince 3 comes forward.

Prince 3: Ha ha ha. Have you seen your faces in the mirror? On one side is the fair Sita and on the other side are ugly bhoots like you. It would have been better if you had stayed home. Sita will only be mine. Ha ha ha.

Prince 3 too tries but cannot move the bow. The others laugh at him. He goes back to his seat humiliated.

Janak: It’s a shame that there is none present here that can even lift this bow, leave alone stringing it. I am very disappointed in the bravery of the men gathered here. They all turned out to be little men.

Lakshman: That’s enough Maharaj Janak. In the presence of Raghuvanshis, how can you even think like that. Do you not see the gem amongst men seated here.

Janak: Hey Arya, please identify yourself. I did not mean to insult anyone. I am just disappointed.

Lakshman: I am Lakshman, the younger brother of Sri Ram who is the eldest son of Maharaj Dashratha of Ayodhya, the king of Kosala. My lord, Sri Ram, is seated right here in this assembly.

Janak: I can see Mahrishi Vishwamitra. I pay my respects to him. Welcome Ram and Lakshman.

Lakshman sits down.

Vishwamitra: Ram, my son, it is now time for you to try your strength.

Sri Ram [bowing]: As you command Gurudev.

Sri Ram walks to the bow of Shiva and offers his respects with folded hands. Then, in one go, he picks up the bow with one hand, and attempting to string it, bends it so much that it breaks. A loud noise rings in the three worlds and the assembly breaks into applause. Sri Ram Chandra ki Jai. Sri Ramchandra ki Jai. Sri Ramchandra ki Jai.

Janak: Oh my great luck at finally having found a suitable match for my daughter Sita. Dear Sita, my child, please come forward and put the garland on Shri Ram, your husband.

Sita: As you command father.

Sita walks up to Sri Ram and puts a garland of marigold flowers around his neck. She then touches his feet.

Sita: My lord, from today onwards, I am your humble servant. Your wish is my command and I will live only to make you happy. Please accept Sita as your servant.

Sri Ram: Hey Sita, the place of a wife is in her husband’s heart. You are my ardhaangani, half of my body. I am honoured today at having found a life partner such as yourself.

Vishwamitra: Hey king, please make arrangements to call King Dasharatha and inform him of the good news.

Janaka: As you command Maharishi.

Lakshman: Maryada Purushottam Sri Ramchandra ki Jai. Sri Ramchandra ki Jai. Sri Ramchandra ki Jai.

All walk off the stage.

End of Scene V

End of Play

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Bhagavatam (Sri Krishna's childhood)


Scene 1

(VyAsa sits at the center of the stage, thinking, looking somber. NArada enters the stage.)

NArada: nArAyaNa. NArAyaNa.
VyAsa: praNAm nArada muni. SwAgatam.
NArada: praNAm.

(nArada observes vyAsa looking sad.)

nArada: vyAsA! Can I ask you something?
VyAsa: Sure.
NArada: you look sad. Are you not happy?
VyAsa: Yes nAradA. I am not fully satisfied with all my works.
NArada: You authored great epics like mahAbharata, AdhyAtmika rAmAyaNa. Are you still not happy?
VyAsa: Yes. MahAbharata is a great story. AdhyAtmika rAmAyaNa is a spiritual story. I want to create a master-piece.

(nArada thinks for a small time and…)

nArada: Oh! Let me suggest you to write mahAbhAgavatam.
VyAsa: What’s that?
NArada: Describe the glories of all avatars of Lord vishNu, starting from the creation of the universe.

VyAsa: OK. That’s a good idea.
NArada: Of all the avatars, krishNa’s is my favourite.
VyAsa: mine too! Here it is. I present the charming childhood of krishNa.

(nArada moves away from the stage. vyAsa moves to the side of the stage. Sits down and starts writing. Then looks at the audience and starts narrating.)

Scene 2

vyAsa: kamsa is the cruel king of mathura. His sister is devaki. He gives her in marriage to vasudeva.

(bends his head down and starts writing again).

(vasudeva and devaki enter the corner of the stage, looking sorrowful and depressed. Two gaurds are on the beat. Background audio of baby’s cry is heard. One of the guards runs off the stage. Kamsa enters stage - guard follows him. Kamsa looks at devaki and vasudeva and….)

Kamsa: yet another boy! Ha ha ha ha

(grabs the baby into his hand, and takes the sword out…)

Devaki: Brother! Why do you want to kill this infant baby? He is just born.
Kamsa: devaki! I told you before. A Brahmin cursed me that your 8th kid will kill me. Ha ha ha ha
Vasudeva: But kamsa! He is not the 8th child . You have been killing all my children. Please don’t kill him.
Kamsa: No! I don’t want to spare any of your children.
Devaki: (touching kamsa’s feet) Please brother! Don’t kill the baby.
Kamsa: ha ha ha ha ha

(throws the baby down on the floor and leaves the stage. VyAsa lifts his head up and…)

VyAsa: Now the eighth children will be born.

(bends down and starts writing again. The guards fall asleep.)

Vasudeva: What a miracle devaki!! The guards fell asleep.
Devaki: Yes dear. The doors are also open. I pray the lord that atleast this baby be protected.

(both look up and pray.)

AkAshavANi (audio background): vasudeva! Take this baby to the gokulam, on the other side of river yamunA!

(devaki kisses the baby and hands over the baby to vasudeva. Vasudeva also feels sorroy for devaki. He puts the baby in a basket and prepares to go. Devaki, and the guards should leave the stage. River scene should come up on the stage. Vasudeva should take the bin on his head and walk slowly across the stage).

Audio background: thunderstorm sound.

(After vasudeva crosses yamuna)

VyAsa: Thus, vasudeva crosses the yamuna river. River yamuna is flooding with high tides, as if she is eager not to miss the opportunity to touch the lotus feet of krishNa.

Scene 3

Nanda and Yashoda (with a baby in her hand) enter the stage from the other side.

Nanda: hE yashoda! We are really blessed with this baby boy!
Yashoda: yes my dear! We are very fortunate. Look at the glow in his face.
Nanda: yes yashoda! He looks like a divine child.
Yashoda: I am sure, my favourite god took birth for me.
Nanda: Yes. Let’s name him kRshNa.
Yashoda: We must celebrate his birth in gokulam with a grand party (in a great way).
Nanda: Yes. I invited all the villagers to the celebration.

(one by one, all villagers, dancers enter the stage from both the sides.)

villager1: badhAi hO nandarAj! Please accept these sweets. My wife made them specially for this occasion.
Villager2: congratulations maharAj! Please take this cheese and butter from our family. It’s from our own cattle.

(villagers talk among themselves with joy).

(nanda and yashoda (with the baby in her lap) sit on one side of the stage.)

(yashoda should ask one of the servant maids to look after the baby, and leaves the stage. Maid also happens to leave the baby beside her on the floor. Pootana enters the stage and tries to walk through the stage looking for the baby).

Pootana (thinking aloud): I am so beautiful now. Looks like, no body recognized me. They cannot identify me. I should look for the baby boy now. I must fulfill the orders of my king kamsa. I must kill the baby.

(Pootana should find the baby, and leave the stage, feeding the baby).

Audio background: pootana screaming loudly.

(Crying, pootana comes back to the stage with the devil mask…)

Pootana: “He is no ordinary child. He must be a divine one. I am sure, he can kill kamsa too!!”.

(after that, pootana should fall on the stage, dead.)

Scene 4

(stage is cleared. VyAsa looks at the audience and continues with narration:)

vyAsa: Daily, yashoda leaves kRshNa and balarama, to play, in the backyard. One day,….

(kRshNa and balarAma are playing individually. KRshNa starts eating mud. BalarAma runs to one side of the stage to call mother.)

BalarAma: mayyA! Come here. Look what is kRshNa doing?
Yashoda: what’s he doing?
BalarAma: he is eating mud mayyA. Look?
Yashoda: kRshNa, what are you doing? Eating mud!? Oh no! open your mouth.

(as kRshNa opens his mouth, yashoda should present an overwhelming gesture… excited she thinks aloud…)

yashoda: vow! KRshNa. I can see the entire Universe in your mouth. I can’t believe myself. It’s divine.

(yashoda should give a namaskAr pose. Then, kRshNa closes his mouth. Gives a smile. All of them leave the stage.

Scene 5

vyAsa: As time passed by, little Krishna and his elder brother, balarAma grew up. See how they play with their friends…

(one by one, kis enter the stage doing whatever they are good at, like: cart-wheels, jumping, sommer-saults…. KRshNa and balarAma enter the stage from the other side.)

balarAma: kRshNa! Why don’t we all play together?

KRshNa: good idea bhayya! (looks at those folks). hEy friends! Why don’t we all play together!!
Friend1: Sure kRshNa. We love to play with you.
Friend2: Which game shall we play?
KRshNa: how about shEr-bakri?
BalarAma: good game!
Friend2: I too like it. I want to be shEr.
Friend3: no. I want to be shEr.
Friend4: OK. I ‘ll be bakri.
BalarAma: hushshsh! Listen. You be the shEr. You be the bakri. Shall we play kRshNa?
KRshNa: as you say bhayya. SAvdhAn. GaNa, manDala! You go out, you be in… kuru. ……
(after a little while),
friend3: hEy guys! I am tired. I am hungry.
Friend2: me too! I need something to eat now.
BalarAma: OK. Let me go and bring some fruits from that tree.
KRshNa: bhayya! Excuse me but. Folks! how about butter?
Friend1: how can we get butter here?
KRshNa: Don’t worry. Follow me. We ‘ll go steal butter from sumitra mousI.
Friend2: no! she is very harsh. I am really scared of her.
KRshNa: I told you, don’t worry. Just follow me.

(They walk around the stage following kRshNa and balarAma. Make a pyramid, kRshNa climbs the pyramid and steals the butter. Everyone is enjoying butter. Mean-while that mousi looks at this and comes out shouting: “hEy you there! You kRshNa. Butter-thief! You are spoiling all kids. Stop there”

Scene 6

(All kids go behind the stage. mousi runs to the other side of the stage, to yashoda’s house. And calls yashoda in loud voice. Yashoda comes onto the stage.)

yashoda: what happened?
Mousi: you ask what happened? Don’t you know?
Yashoda: no, I don’t. Is everything alright?
Mousi: no. your lad kRshNa along with his brother and friends have become thieves.
Yashoda: Thieves? What did they steal?
Mousi: They stole all the butter from my house.
Yashoda: What are you talking about? Why would they steal butter from your house, as if we there is no butter, in my house!?
Mousi1: They were stealing in my house. As I started chasing them, they ran to another house to steal butter from there too!

(while they are conversing, mousi2 enters the stage to join them.)

Mousi2: Yes behan. They stole butter from my house too! Same thing happened with me too! As I was chasing them, they disappeared to a different house.
Yashoda: I don’t believe it. You can’t blame my little kRshNa like that.

(mean while, kRshNa and balarAma are returning home from the other side of the stage).

Mousi1: here they are. Ask your kids yourself.
mousi2: check it out.
Yashoda: kRshNa, did you steal butter from mousi’s house?
KRshNa: no mayya ! I didn’t (with a naughty look).
Yashoda: balarAmA, did you?
BalarAma: no mayya! We were playing in the outside.
Mousi1: I can’t believe these liars.
mousi2: me too.

(mousi1 & mousi2 leave stage, going home…)

yashoda: kRshNa & balarAm, tell me the truth. Have you stolen butter?
KRshNa & balarAm together: NO mayyA! (hiding their hands back).
Yashoda: show me your hands. Show it.

(yashoda chasing kRshNa and balarAma around the stage…. Audio background: “MY NAHIN MAKHAN KHAYO” song)

yashoda: OK. Then, where were you till now?

Krishna : (yashoda and nanda kiss and hug kRshNa and balarAma. Every one leave the stage.)

Scene 7

vyAsa: Thus kRshNa becames everyone’s kanayya… As he grows further, he becomes more rational. He started to change the beliefs and daily practices and rituals of people.

(villagers are enter the stage from one side, and start to worship Indra… kRshNa2 and balarAma2 enter the stage from the other side.)

kRshNa2: bhayya, what are they doing?
BalarAma2: kRshNa, they are preparing for worshipping lord Indra, who gives rains to us.
KRshNa2: praNAm kAkA! Why are you worshipping Indra?
Villager1: kanhaiAh, if we don’t worship Lord Indra, we don’t get rains.
KRshNa2: But you know, these mountains and trees give us rains. Worship this mountain. Cows give us milk. So, worship cows.
BalarAma2: well said kRshNa. KAkA! Stop these poojas.
Villager2: But we are scared kanhiah. What if he gets angry?
KRshNa2: I ‘ll take care of you all.

Audio background: thunder storm….

(All villagers are scared and beg kRshNa together) “PLEASE HELP US KRSHNA. PLEASE SAVE US”.

BalarAma2: kRshNa, what do we do now? KRshNa2: Don’t worry bhayyA! I ‘ll give you all shelter under this govardhana giri.

(kRshNa should lift govardhana giri. Everyone should praNAm kRshNa and all leave the stage.)

Scene 8

VyAsa: Thus, kRshNa saved all the villagers from Indra’s thunderstorm. He thus got the title, GOVARDHANAGIRIDHARI.

He also plays flute so melodiously. RAdha likes kRshNa and his flute very much. Every day, she goes to him, to listen to his flute.

(kRshNa comes to the center of the stage. RAdha joins him.)

rAdha: kRshNa, how are you?
KRshNa2: I am fine rAdha. How are you?
RAdha: I am fine too.
KRshNa2: what’s up?
RAdha: Well, like everyday, I want to listen to your flute. Can you play it for me?
KRshNa2: with pleasure.

Audio background: nice flute piece.

(meanwhile, balarAma2 comes running)

balarAma2: kRshNa, come home. Father is calling you.
(they leave the stage. Nanda and yashoda enter the stage, with akrUr from one side. KrshNa and balarAma enter the stage from the other side.)

kRshNa2: praNAm pitAjI. PraNAm mayya.

Nanda: vijayI bhava. This gentleman came from mathura with an invitation.
AkRUr: hE balarAma and kRshNa. MaharAj kamsa invited you two to mathura. He is performing dhanuryAga.
KRshNa2: Sure. Father, may I go?
Nanda: Yes. But be careful. I want balarAma also to go with you. (looks towards balarAma and) BalarAma, you also go with kRshNa.
BalarAma2: As you say father.

(both of them should touch the feet of nanda and yashoda. All of them leave the stage.)

Scene 10 - invitation to dhanuryAga

(kamsa enters the stage, and sits in a chair. Some wrestlers should be getting ready in the center of the stage. KRshNa and balarAma enter the stage.)

kRshNa2 & balarAma2: praNAm maharAj.
Kamsa: welcome my nephews. I am very glad to see you both here (wickedly).
KrshNa2: we too mama!
BalarAma2: what’s going on here mama?
Kamsa: Wrestling competition! you must fight and win my wrestlers.
ChANUra: If you win them, then you can fight us also.

(kRshNa and balarAma should look at each other, smile with confidence, give a nod)

kRshNa2 & balarAma2: As you say maharAj.
Kamsa: OK. Now you begin the fight.

(fight stunts…. The junior wrestlers should lie down and fall dead.)

kamsa: What a strange thing? These two kids have killed the best of my fighters!! (look at kRshNa and balarAma) kRshNa! That’s no big deal. Try if you can fight and win against me.
ChANUra: balarAma, you can fight with me.

(fight stunts…. Both kamsa and chANUra should finally loose, lie down and fall dead.)

kRshNa: gaurds! Go and release devaki ji and vasudeva ji.
BalarAma: Let’s release all those sages who were also prisoned.
NArAs again:

(yashoda and nanda, devaki & vasudeva, all villagers should enter, give salutations to kRshNa & balarAma. KRshNa and balarAma should touch the feet and take blessings of yashoda, nanda, devaki & vasudeva. Every body move to one corner of the stage. From the other side of the stage, nArada enters.)

NArada: nArAyaNa! NArAyaNa!
VyAsa: praNAm! NArada muni.
NArada: That was a wonderful presentation.
VyAsa: dhanyavAd.
NArada: (looking at the audience) Don’t you think so? The boys played very well. Let’s all give them a big hand.

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Dr Hedgewar

Roles :-
1. Narrator
2. Keshav(Dr.Hedgewar)
3. British officer
4. Principal
5. Teacher
6. Student -1
7. Student - 2
8. Student -3

Narrator :- Those were the dark days of British rule in India. Lokamanya Tilak was leading the Indian Freedom movement and he declared that 'Swaraj(Independence) is my Birth Right'. And Vande Mataram slogan was driving hundreds and thousands of young Indians towards the Indian freedom struggle. At this juncture British Govt arrested Lokamanya Tilak and he has to undergo 6 years of imprisonment for leading the freedom Movement. The whole country Rose to protested the arrest of their dear leader.

Our Dr-ji, Keshav, is in his high school study that time. As part of the inspection a British officer planned to visit Keshav's school. Let us see how the preparations are going on in his school just before a week of scheduled inspection by British Officer. And how Keshav grabbed this opportunity to express the spirit of nationalism.

Skit Script :-

1. One week before the incident

( Initially all the kids in class will be talking to each other… Then principal enters the class with teacher… all students stand up and wish the principal and teacher.)

Students : Good morning sir…

Principal :- Dear kids very good morning. Please sit down. I have one announcement for you. British Officer who is superintendent of the schools is going to visit our school next week… we all need to learn a poem to welcome him. If we welcome him with that poem he will be pleased with us. So learn that poem carefully…
(And turns towards teacher and tells) please have them practice the poem (and leaves the class room)

Teacher : Dear kids… as our principal told we all should learn this poem on King George.. Please repeat the poem after me.

(Poem) .. teacher says the poem and kids repeat it…
(And repeating it once teacher leaves the class… Now only kids are in the class)

2. Keshav : Hi friends, This poem is about praising the British king George. We shouldn't say this poem… what do you say?? 

Student 1 :- Yes,, I support Keshav… This is praising the British King who made us slaves. We shouldn't accept this…

Student 2 :- Keshav, We are all with you… you only suggest how we use this opportunity to convey the message to British Officer.

Keshav :- How about welcoming Superintendent British Officer with "Vandemataram"?? Vandemataram which means "I bow to thee, Mother"… and this is favorite song of every freedom fighter now.. and Britishers are against saying 'Vandemataram'.. so this could convey our message to the British Officer…..

Student 1 :- It is really amazing…

Student 2 :- That is wondeful… so when superintendent British Officer enters our class we all say Vandemataram.. and we convey this message to all other classes too…

Keshav :- Sure.. but friends we should make sure that under any conditions we don't leak this plan to any body…

Student 3 :- Hi Friends we need to keep this really a secret… This should be a big surprise to the British Officer…. What you guys Say

All Students :- Keshav,,, We promise you on that….

Narrator :- While the Principal and his staff were busy finalizing their plans to appease the British officer, these children had different plans. Keshav and his friends were secretly passing on the message to children from other classes in their school. I am sure you must be very eager to know what happens on the day of the inspection, me too… let's see how the inspection goes….

3. On the Day of Inspection :-

Teacher :- Inspector is visiting our class in few minutes… Shall we say the poem once now… Repeat after me…

(Poem .. kids follow the teacher)

Teacher :- Very good… British officer will be very happy to hear this poem from you kids… (And British Officer enters the class along with the principal)

Students : Vande Mataram… Vande Mataram…

(British Officer gets very angry… he turns towards the principal and says)

British Officer :- What is this nonsense… What are you teaching to the students… I cannot tolerate this… Find out who is their leader… and let me know in two days… if they don't tell who behind this … don't let the students enter the class… close down the school till they tell who is their leader… and give him the punishment in strongest terms…

Principal :- My apologies for the incident.. I will definitely find out who is behind this and punish.

(British Officer leaves the class in anger.)

Principal :- Bhavana, you stand up and tell me who the leader is… 

Student 3 :- I don't know…

Principal with Students : Tell me who is your leader .. who organized all this…

( NO answer from Students)

Principal :- If you tell who is behind this , I will punish only that guy… If you keep quiet I am going to close down the school till you guys let me know who is your leader…

Students :- We don't know

Principal :- Ok.. you all leave the school now.. and don't come to the school.. I am closing the school till at least one of you tell me who is your leader…

(And every body leaves)…

Narrator :- To find out the culprit, the school staff tried different ways like: punishment for all, threatening their parents, announcing reward for the informer. But guess what? Nobody came forward to reveal the names. Unable to see this torture by the school staff, Keshav came forward and told the Principal that he was the one responsible for organizing the protest and he was not at all shameful for his act. Keshav was punished and immediately rusticated from the school. .


Poem : Jay Jay Panchama George Dhanya Dhanya Sarvabhouma Bhoovara

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Roles :-
Shivaji Raje- a King
Yesaji - Commander of Shivaji Raje
Jijabai - Shivaji's Mother
Patil - Chief of a village Ranze
Farmers - 2 or 3 Farmers

Frequently Shivaji Raje along with his men used to go around in his province. People shout excitedly "SHIVAJI MAHARAJ" as they see their king. Whenever Shivaji Raje visits any province, he enquires about the problems of villagers.

Scene 1

In this event, Shivaji Raje is affectionately enquiring about people's problems.
Farmers to Shivaji - Raje ! we are facing an severe problem of water scarcity. It is been too hot this year. Our crops are getting dried. We are really worried about our crops.
Shivaji - Yes, I am aware of this problem and I have talked to yesaji about it.
Shivaji to Yesaji - Yesaji ! Make the arrangements and give them some help.
Farmers - (together raising their hands) Shivaji Maharaj Ki Jay ! (Farmers turn back and go away)
Shivaji - (Murmuring) I am really worried, monsoon should be good or else we are going to face many serious problems. This is the second consecutive year of water scarcity.
Yesaji - Don't worry, Maharaj. It is not as worse as last year.
Shivaji - let's turn back, MaSaheb is waiting for us.

(Shivaji and his soldiers are about to leave. Suddenly a man comes in their way. He is disgusted and frustated)
Man - (in a shrill voice) Maharaj !! Please help me. I am doomed. Give me justice.
Shivaji - What happened? Why are you so agitated and worried?
Man - (crying, in a sad tone) Raje !! my daughter was abused and then murdered.
Shivaji - (shocked !!) What? How could this happen in my kingdom? Are you telling the truth? Who did that ?
Man - (scared !!!) I am scared of him ! I can not take his name.
Shivaji - (consoling, convincing) Don't be scared! I will protect you. Tell me his name.
Man - (still scared, in... voice) Raje ! he is no other, but Patil of my village.
Shivaji to Yesaji - (turns to Yesaji) Yesaji !!! Ask patil to see me at once. If he refuses, arrest him.
(Yesaji goes away to Patil's village)

Scene 2

Yesaji to Patil - ( orders… ) Patil ! Come with me at once. Maharaj wants to see you.
Patil - (arrongtly !! ) Who Maharaj? What Maharaj? I do not recognize any Maharaj.
Yesaji - Patil ! This is my last warning!! If you do not come, I will have to arrest you.
Patil - Go to hell!! I am not going with you.
(Yesaji with the help of soldiers forcefully grabs him and cuffs him. Patil is shouting and trying to escape)

Scene 3(Shivaji is sitting on his throne, discussing politics with other ministers and his mother Jijabai. Yesaji comes in)
Yesaji - Maharaj ! I have brought Patil with me. I had to forcefully arrest him.
Shivaji - Bring him in front of me.
(Yesaji brings Patil in. Patil hand-cuffed, tired, angry and agitated)
Shivaji - (high pitch) Patil ! What am I hearing? Is it true? Did you abuse farmer's daughter.
Patil - (arrongtly !! shameless!!) So what? I am Patil. I can and I will do anything I like.
Shivaji - This is my kingdom. I can not tolerate this. You must be punished.
Shivaji to Yesaji - (Orders) Yesaji !! Take this man away. Cut both his hands and legs. That is what his punishment. Do… it ! right away….
Yesaji - Ji Raje !!
Patil - (now scared!!, starts crying) Maharaj ! Please forgive me this time. I won't do it again. Do not punish me so hard.(Patil is crying continuously. Yesaji drags him away and cut his hands and legs. Patil shouting.. AH….AH… ). (Ministers and Jijabai are shaken by this incident. They disagree with Shivaji's decision. They think punishment was too harsh.)
Jijabai to Shivaji - Shivaba !! Don't you think this was too harsh punishment for him? You should have spared him giving mild punishment?
Shivaji - (respectfully) No….. No MaSaheb !! I did the right thing. In my kingdom, women are most respected. I can not tolerate anyone hurting them. Otherwise …what will be the difference between my reign and Muslims reign?? Now no one will dare to do such a thing.
(Jijabai and other ministers are convinced and happy).
Jijabai - Shabbas, Shivaba !! I am proud of you.
Other Ministers - (hails Shivaji) Shivaji Maharaji Ki Jay !! Hara Hara Mahedev !!! Jay Bhavani, Jay Shivaji !!

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Shivaji - Tanaji
Shivaji - King
Jijabai- Shivaji's Mother
Moropant - Member of Shivaji's Advisory council
Tanaji - Shivaji's Commander
Suryaji - Tanaji's brother
Kondana - Name of the Fort
Two soldiers

Scene 1

(Shivaji with his mother Jijabai and advisory council discussing politics)
Shivaji - (firm voice, stress on every words) We must capture kondana by hook or crook.
Moropant - (politely) Maharaj ! agree!! (depressed!!) But it is very difficult to capture this fort. It is very big and surrounded by hills and jungle.
Shivaji - Moropant, I know it is very difficult to capture. But I need this fort under our control. This fort will be a good protection of our kingdom.
Jijabai - I agree with Shivaba. But who can do this job? Who has that strength and courage?(all are thinking)
Shivaji - (suddenly) How about Tanaji!! Tanaji is brave, courageous and smart. He will definitely get this fort.
Moropant - Excellent choice, Maharaj!! Tanaji will definitely capture this fort and come back.
Shivaji to Soldiers - (orders) Sainik !! Go to Tanaji and ask him to see me.

(Soldiers go to Tanaji's house, give him message that Maharaj wants to see him. Tanaji is busy in managing his son's marriage. But as soon as he gets message, he puts everything aside and goes to Shivaji to see him. Tanaji arrives)

Scene 2

Tanaji - (politely) Maharaj ! I am at your service. On your command !!
Shivaji - (politely, affectionately) Tanaji ! come here! Sit with me. (quietness for a second and then with firm voice) I am giving you a big responsibility.
(Tanaji little puzzled, eager to know what is going on)
I am sending you to capture kondana. Are you ready for that?
Tanaji - (full of joy) Ji Maharaj ! Yes. I am ready. I am honored.
(Jijabai learns that Tanaji is busy in his son's marriage. She arrives)
Jijabai - No…No... Wait…. Shivaba ! I just came to know that Tanaji's son Rayaba getting married next week. We should not send him on this battle.
Shivaji - (surprisingly, joyful voice) Oh ! Tanaji ! This is a great news. Why didn't you tell me? You stay back. I will find another person to capture this fort.
Tanaji - (depressed, disagree) No.. No. Maharaj! I am going to get this fort.
Shivaji - But Tanaji, how can I send you when you are busy in Rayaba's marriage!!?? No.. No.. I can not do this. I will find another person.
Tanaji - Maharaj! I must give first priority to Nation's work. Rayaba's marriage can wait. He can get married later. (with firm and loud voice) "Adhi Lagin Kondanyach, Mag Rayabach"
Shivaji - Shabbas !! Tanaji, I am proud of you.
Tanaji - (request) Maharaj, allow me to take my brother, Suryaji, with me. We together can easily capture this fort.
Shivaji - OK. Tanaji. You take your brother with you. Once you capture this fort, I will personally attend your son's marriage.(Tanaji goes away)
Shivaji - MaSaheb !! I have commanders like Tanaji that is why I could establish my kingdom.
Jijabai - Correct Shivaba. They are the pearls of your kingdom.

Scene 3

(Tanaji and Suryaji captures the fort Kondana, but Tanaji sacrifices his life)(Shivaji, his advisory council, Jijabai are discussing….. One soldier arrives….)

Soldier - (happy. Excited!!) Maharaj!! Maharaj!! (breathing heavily….)
Shivaji - (eagerness!!) What happened, Sainik. Tell me … what happened!! What news have you brought?
Soldier - (now controlling his breath!!, but still excited) - Maharaj !! good news. We have won Kondana.

(Shivaji and his advisory coucil overjoyed. Some of them dancing. Jijabai is also happy, but patient not excited)

Shivaji and his advisory Council - Hurray!! That is a great news. Now Kondana is ours.
Shivaji - (murmurs) But where is my Tanaji? Why didn't he see me?
Shivaji - Sainik, Where is Tanaji? I want to hear this good news from him. Where is he? Tell me, Sainik… where is he?Soldier - (very sad, hesitating) Maharaj!! How can I tell you? Our Tanaji….. (sobbing). Our Tanaji sacrificed his life in the battle.
Shivaji - (shocked) Oh! No. I can't believe. This is very unfortunate. Tell me, Sainik …. What exactly happened?
Soldier - Maharaj !! Tanaji fought very well. He and his only 60 soldiers climbed a cliff quietly to get into the fort. But enemy's vigilance was great. They got alert. And there was big fight between Tanaji's soldiers and enemy. At a time he was fighting with 10 soldiers. All enemies got killed or captured, but Tanaji was badly injured. He said…. Tell Maharaj that I have kept my word. I have won Kondana.(everyone shocked and sad. Jijabai recovers).
Jijabai - Tanaji died well. He gave his life for the Nation.
Shivaji - (sadly) MaSaheb ! Today, I have won Kondana, but lost my lion. "Gad Aala Pan Simha Gela".(Shivaji renames Kondana Fort to Sinha-Gad)

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Shri Krishna Janmashtami
Duration: 20 minutes

Comments in italics should be spoken by the announcer of the play. The starting and ending of a scene must also be announced.

Shri Krishna, The Supreme Personality of Godhead, was born in a prison in the city of Mathura, ruled at the time by a brutal king Kansa of the Yadu dynasty, who had imprisoned his own elderly father, Ugrasen, on order to become king. He tortured all devotees of the lord and decreed that he alone was supreme. The people in his kingdom suffered under him and prayed that they be saved. Alarmed at the state of their devotees on earth, and touched by their cries for help, the Devatas, led by Indra, Brahmaji and others approached Bhagwan Vishnu in Vaikuntha.

Scene I
Brahmaji: Glory to you Bhagwan Vishnu. We come here to seek your help and blessings so that your universe can live in peace.
Bhagwan Vishnu: Glory as well to you Pitamah. Indra, please tell me why all the Devatas have come all the way to my abode.
Indra: Bhagwan, people on earth are suffering at the hands of a brutal king, who rules in Mathura, having imprisoned his own father. The Dvapar Yuga is coming to a close, O Lord. We are very worried about the future of humanity.
Bhagwan Vishnu: Fear not O Devatas. It is time for me to take avatar on earth and rid it once again of evil. I will soon take birth in Mathura to Devaki and Vasudev. I will kill Kansa and other persons of demonic character and restore peace to Prithivi Devi.
Brahmaji and All Devatas: All hail Bhagwan Vishnu, the protector of the weak and the refuge of all good men.

End of Scene I

Scene II

In Mathura, it is a time for festivities for Devaki, Kansa's sister, has just married Vasudev, a friend of Kansa. Kansa is overjoyed and decides to drive their chariot himself. As Devaki is leaving the royal palace, a sadhu approaches the royal procession and obstructs the path of Kansa.

Sadhu: Kansa, you are happy today while your people weep because of your cruelty. But that day has come that I was waiting for.
Kansa: Crazy Sadhu, get out of the way. If it is gold you desire, you will be given your heart's fill.
Sadhu: I do not need your gold O wicked one. I have only come to express joy at the union of Devaki with Vasudev. It is the beginning of your end.
Kansa (laughing): Perhaps staying in the forest has caused your senses to become covered with ant-hills. Do you know that I am all-powerful.
Sadhu: Laugh all you want Kansa. Devaki's son will kill you with his bare hands.
Kansa: What nonsense! Guards, get this Sadhu out of here.
Sadhu: Kansa, Sadhus do not speak an untruth. (looking skywards) Bhagwan, please tell this wicked one that I do not lie.

Just then a akashvani (celestial voice) rings in the sky

Akashvani: Kansa, the eighth son of Devaki will slay you.

Kansa gets scared at this. He instructs his guards to immediately arrest Vasudev and Devaki. While in prison, Vasudev and Devaki give birth to six children, each of whom is brutally killed by Kansa. When Devaki is pregnant with her seventh child, Rohini, another wife of Vasudev, pays them a visit in prison and takes the pregnant child of Devaki. This child grew up to be Balaram. Through the grace of the lord, Devaki and Vasudev manage to smuggle out their eighth child out of the prison and take him to Gokul, in the house of Vasudev's friend Nanda and his wife Yashoda. Vasudev returns to the prison of Kansa. The eighth child grows up in Gokul surrounded by the cows of Nanda and the adoring love of Yashoda. He was Shri Krishna.

End of Scene II

Growing up in Gokul was fun. In the morning you took the cows out to the pastures by the holy Yamuna river. There, as the cows grazed, you played all day with the cowherds. In his leela here on earth, Shri Krishna appeared as just another cowherd. All the cowherds loved to be around Shri Krishna. When he would start playing his flute, the whole atmosphere used to become divine. The cows would forget their eating and come running. The cowherds would forget their games and fight with one another to be closer to Shri Krishna. Whoever heard the music from Shri Krishna's flute could not help but run to him.
But Bhagwan Shri Krishna never did reveal his divine powers to everyone. To all his friends, he was their beloved Shri Krishna. Another incident in Braj, reveals how even Shri Krishna's closest devotees could not see his divinity.

Scene III

The residents of Gokul used to worship Indra, the King of the Devatas, every year to bring good rains. Once, as the preparations for worship of Indra were about to start, Shri Krishna asked as to why Indra was being worshipped. When he was told that it was to bring in good rains, he said that they should instead worship the Govardhan Hill, because it was because of the mountain that the area got good rains. When the people started to prepare for worshipping the Govardhan Hill, Indra became furious.

Indra: How dare the people of Gokul thank anyone but me for their good rains. It is because of me that they have good rainfall. I will punish them for worshipping a mere mountain.

So saying, Indra orders a cloud to burst over Gokul. Immediately, the whole village is flooded and heavy rains lash down on the area. Shri Krishna calls for everyone to take refuge in the Govardhan Hill. He lifts the whole mountain with his little finger and the whole village gathers under the mountain. Others try and support the mountain with their bodies and sticks. However all their effort is not necessary as Shri Krishna's little finger is enough. But still they think they are supporting the mountain!

Shri Krishna: Look at the holy Govardhan Hill. It is protecting its devotees even from the rains of Indra.
People (chorus): Govardhan Parvat Ki Jai
Person 1: O Krishna, how long do we have to be like this. Our homes are flooded and we have nothing to go back to.
Shri Krishna: Do not worry brother, all this will end very soon.

Meanwhile, all the friends of Krishna, who are using their hands, bodies and sticks to support the mountain look at Shri Krishna and see him using his little finger. Seeing this they get angry.

Friend 1: Shridama, Madhumangal, everyone, come and see this. Look, we are using both our hands and our sticks to support this heavy mountain and look at this royal prince Krishna, he is using his little finger.
Shridama: Ai Kanua (a slang for Shri Shri Krishna - the name the cowherds used for him), you think you are some royal prince?
Madhumangal: Right said Shridama. My hands are aching even as I speak and this Kanua is acting as if he is a little flower.

Shri Krishna smiles at this friends and their love, in the form of their fake anger, gives him unlimited joy. He knows their hearts because they have caused him to live there permanently.

End of Scene III

Scene IV

Bhagwan knew that he would soon have to go to Mathura to slay Kansa. When the news of his departure reached the people of Braj, everyone was broken hearted. The tears of the Gopis, the Gwalbal and others knew no stopping, what to speak of Mother Yashoda. However, just like the river Ganga does not stay in the Himalayas but flows all the way to Gangasagar, to wash the sins of millions, even so, Bhagwan Shri Krishna had to leave Gokul so other thirsting souls could get a glimpse of him.

Upon arriving in Mathura, he killed his cruel uncle Kansa and re-installed his grandfather Ugrasen on the throne of the kingdom. However, because of attacks from neighboring kingdoms, Mathura knew no peace. So Shri Krishna decided to move the capital of the kingdom to Dwarka, on the coast of Sindhusagar. Here, the people lived in peace. In due course, the Kuru dynasty of Hastinapur started preparing for a war between the Pandavas and the Kauravas.
Shri Krishna agreed to drive the chariot of Arjuna, a Pandava. Shri Krishna's army was given in the services of the Kaurava army. On the battlefield of Kruskshetra, Arjuna, seeing his grandfather, his uncles, his guru and his cousins getting ready to fight him, said to Shri Krishna.

Arjuna: O Shri Krishna, my throat is dry, and hands shake and my kneed tremble. Not because I am coward but because I am about to fight a war that I can win only if I kill those dear to me. Of what use will be a kingdom won by killing one's own loved ones?
Shri Krishna: Arjuna, such fear does not look good on a brave warrior such as yourself. It is your duty to fight this battle as a Kshatriya.
Arjuna: Bhagwan, it is said that the aim of life is to seek God. Why should I not take Sannyas, retire to the mountains and spend the rest of my life in prayer in meditation?
Shri Krishna: Arjun, you say this not because you truly seek God, but because you do not wish to slay your loved ones. In such a state, you cannot seek God. I tell you this because I know you and I am your friend. Do not fear. What you think you will destroy is only the flesh, which like clothes, the Atma ever changes in its journey towards me. The Atma cannot be destroyed.
Arjuna: My lord, I am your devotee. But if I kill, would that not be sinful for your devotee?
Shri Krishna: Arjuna, it is fair to kill those who are aligned with the forces of falsehood and unrighteousness. Now, forget even if your are worried about Dharma and Adharma, I tell you to leave all thoughts of what is right and what is wrong and surrender yourself completely to me. Take refuge in me I will not only forgive all your sins, but I will also give you Moksha, which is the ultimate goal of life. But fight you must.
Arjuna: Bhagwan, my strength returns, thanks to your encouraging words. I am ready to pick up the Gandiva (Arjuna's bow) and I am ready for this Dharmayudha (battle for the establishment of Dharma).

In the war of Mahabharata, which lasted for 18 days, the Pandavas emerged victorious. The message from Shri Krishna to Arjuna has become immortalized as Shrimad Bhagwat Gita, which even today gives saintly advice to all who seek it, irrespective of any barrier.

End of Scene IV

Today, we are living in the Kali Yuga, the dark age. Truthfullness, dharma, kindness, these are taken as weaknesses. On the other hand, might-is-right, make-hay-while-the-sun-shines, these have become the motto of most people. In such times, it is only faith that can sustain us. Faith in Shri Krishna and faith in the words of our scriptures. Let us see how different types of people live in the year 2004.

Scene V

The scene is a room full of people, somewhere on earth in 2004. One of the persons is a successful banker, another a successful lawyer. Yet another is a famous doctor and another is a pioneering engineer. They are all famous and at the peak of their careers. However, they are not happy. They are discussing their lives when a sadhu happens to listen in.

Banker: I create wealth worth millions of dollars every day. In a month, I make at least a million dollars. But I cannot say I am happy. Last month, my 5-year old son fell seriously ill and he was in the hospital for 5 days. I looked out of the hospital window and saw a man sitting on the streets begging. I thought, that beggar is happier than I am.
Doctor: I have cured hundreds of people of diseases. But it seems I have no cure for my unhappiness. My children do not listen to me and do not respect me.
Lawyer: My doctor friend, I too have helped people win lawsuits. But it seems I could not prevent my own divorce. At the divorce hearing, my wife said I was too busy fighting for my clients that I forgot to look after my own family.
Engineer: That is indeed sad. It seems like we are very successful men but are also unhappy. Alas, is there any cure for our disease? Why hasn't money protected us from unhappiness? I wish I knew.

At this point the Sadhu looks at the four friends and addresses them.

Sadhu: Dear brothers, I have been listening to your conversation. I myself am a very poor man and I have nothing - no house, no wife, no children and no money. But I am very happy.
All Four: Then how can you say you are happy?
Sadhu: I sleep under the blue sky that God has created, I eat the fruits that grow because God waters them, and I drink the water in the rivers that God causes to flow. I live in the forest and say the name of Krishna all day. This gives me happiness.
All Four: How can having nothing and saying Krishna's name give you happiness? You need something at least to survive, don't you?
Sadhu: Brothers, you are unhappy because you put your own needs in the middle and run your life around it. I am happy because I put the source of all happiness - Krishna - in the middle and run my life around Him. When I run my life around the source of happiness itself, what else can I be but happy?
All Four: O Sadhu, we understand you. Please help us. Tell us how we too can put Krishna in our lives?
Sadhu: Brothers, do not run after your needs and desires. Think more of others and less of yourself. Practice truthfulness and be ever ready to help those in need. Krishna is pleased with very little if one's heart is pure. Take Krishna's name everyday and happiness will come to you itself.
All Four: What if we are not able to do what you say? What if we fail O Sadhu?
Sadhu: Krishna only wants you to make a sincere effort. Leave the rest to him. Take one step towards him and he will take ten steps towards you. Fear not brothers, Krishna ever hears the call of his bhaktas. Take the first small step towards the source of unending bliss. Take the first small step towards Krishna.
All Four: Thank you dear Sadhu. We will try, and if we fail, we will try again. But you have opened our eyes today. Thank you.

So saying, the four friends go back to their lives with hope in their hearts. The sadhu goes back to the Lord's forest.

End of Scene V
End of Play

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