Narenís Meditation Game


Narrator: Namaste everyone! Letís look at one of the famous stories from Swami Vivekanandaís childhood. Did you know he was called Naren when he was a little boy?


[Scene 1]: Naren and his friends look bored in his home.


Narenís Friends: We are bored. Letís play something.


Friend 1: I know. Letís play tag!


Narenís Mother (from a distance): Remember, no running in the house!


Narenís Friends (sadly): AWW!


Naren: Thatís okay, we can play something else. How about the ĎMeditation Gameí?


Friend 2: How do we play that?


Naren: Everybody sits still and closes their eyes. Whoever opens them is out.


Friend 3 & 4: That sounds fun, letís play!


[Scene 2]: Naren and his friends sit on the floor and try meditation with their eyes closed.


(Some of them occasionally open one of their eyes secretly and try to peek. Meanwhile, a snake enters the room from somewhere. Friend 3 sees the snake while he opens one of his eyes to peek)


Friend 3: Snake! Snake! There is a snake in the room!


Narens Friends: Run! Run! There is a snake!


(Friend 4 runs to Narenís mother Ė and tells her about the snake)


Narrator: The snake came near little Naren but he sat motionless in deep meditation, totally unaware of what has happening. When Narenís mother saw that the snake was in the same room with Naren, she was numb with fear but could not do anything. Surprisingly, the snake calmly crawled out of the room without harming anyone.


Friend 3: (When Naren comes back to awareness post his meditation) Did you know there was a snake in the room?


Naren: I do not know anything. I was experiencing total bliss while in meditation.


Narenís Friends: Okay Ė you win! Now, what shall we play?


Friends 2: How about we go to HSS BalaGokulam every week to play fun and new games?!


All: Great idea! Letís Go to BalaGokulam! ďSangh mein shakti haiĒ