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Balagokulam Magazine - Competitions

Competition flyer can be downloaded from here.

The last date to receive entries is August 26, 2006.
The contest topics are below.

Current Contest Details:

  • Deadline: August 26, 2006

  • Upload your contest entry
  • Or mail at - Balagokulam Contests, 7062, E Horizon Dr., Orange, CA 92867. (Note that we would not be able to return the contest entries sent to us via surface mail. Hence please a copy of the contest entry for your records before you send the entry to us. Please include details such as Name, Age, Grade, Email, Category, Complete mailing address, Phone and Contestant's photo. Entries without these details may not be considered for judging to make sure that entries are original and are in the respective age group.)

Special Contest for Parents
Essay: Balagokulam is not just a children’s activity. (Limit 300 words).

Age Group 7 and below:

  • Artwork - Any painting or a sketch

  • Story - “Why I am (or became) happy (limit 200 words)

Age Group 8-10:

  • Artwork - Any painting or a sketch
  • Story - - “Why I am (or became) happy (limit 200 words)
  • Poem - Any original poem. (Limit 14 lines)

Age Group 11-13 & 14-16:

  • Artwork - Painting/sketch related to India or Hinduism
  • Story - “How I learned Ramayana” or “How I prepared for KBRE” (limit 350 words)
  • Essay - “My dream” (limit 350 words)
  • Poem - “Any original poem” (limit 14 lines)
If you want to share any of your achievements - educational, personal or in any field - with us, please write to editor at balagokulam.org
SUBJECT: Achievements


  • All entries in the children's age group MUST be contributed by the children only.

  • The contestants hold the responsibility to submit the contest entries in correct age category. (The age group should be determined according to the contest submission deadline.

  • The editorial team reserves the right to modify/edit the entries slightly to suit the magazine needs. However we would take utmost care that the edited entries are as close as possible to the submitted entry.

  • One can participate in as many as contests as possible and can submit more than one entries for each category.

Judging Criterion:
    The judging team will comprise of (usually) three judges from different parts of the USA. We try to be fair and unbiased in choosing the judges. If you would like to participate in the judging process then please contact editor at balagokulam dot org. The judging criterion for different categories and age group varies accordingly. Usually we focus on theme, originality, content presentation, and suitability towards the objectives of the Balagokulam Magazine. Usually we also try to select contents that carry positive messages. However content that does not fit to the above description is also reviewed, given a careful consideration on a case by case basis before taking a final decision.
    Contest entries that are submitted after the due date will not be considered for the judging. We would consider these entries in appropriate categories for the next competitions if possible,


  • Medals to first and second place winners !

  • Certificate plus a postcard picture of Bharat-Mata (India) to everyone who participates
  • One gift certificate in each age-group for “Best Participation” !

What if I have some content not related to the contests?
    If you and especially a child has written or drawn a special content not related to the contest categories, we encourage you to send it to us at editor at balagokulam dot org, better you can upload it via web at Contest Upload page . However we are not able to guarantee that such content would be published in the Balagokulam magazine. Please make sure that the content is original in presentation and you have not submitted it anywhere else for publication.

Note to Previous Contest Winners We apologize for delay in sending certificates and medals to previous winners. We are improving our medal and certificate quality based on feedback received. You should receive the new medals and certificates within four weeks.

For further questions, comments and suggestions regarding any of the aspect of the Balagokulam magazine please contact to editor at Balagokulam dot org.

Results of the previous competition