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Balagokulam Magazine - New Subscription

Balagokulam Magazine Update

Namaste Dear Subscriber,

Thank you for supporting Balagokulam magazine for past many years. New developments in the digital publishing technology and adoption of digital reading habits have made HSS consider digital version of Balagokulam magazine. Hence we are in process of launching Balagokulam Magazine in digital version only. The digital version will be free for everyone.

We regret to inform you that we will stop print edition of Balagokulam Magazine going forward. All the outstanding print subscriptions will cancel automatically and the remaining magazine funds will be used to support development of the digital edition.

We request your continued support by allowing us to use your remaining subscription amount towards digital edition. Hence we However, you can request refund by writing to us at subscribe@balagokulam.org with your contact details.

We hope that digital version of the magazine serves as a platform for children in enriching their noble Hindu values, in connecting to their roots and in enhancing their cultural confidence in the modern west.

Thank you
Balagokulam Magazine team
19976 Beekman Pl, Cupertino, CA 95014

You can use following template to request a refund.
To: subscribe@balagokulam.org
Subject: Subscription Refund

Dear Balagokulam Magazine,
Please refund my subscription amount. Here are my contact details.