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Balagokulam Magazine - Competitions Results

Balagokulam Magazine is very happy to announce the results of the contests conducted in July 2005. The Balagokulam Magazine Team would like to congratulate all the winners. We would also like to thank all of the participants, judges, parents and the subscribers for their support. We look forward for your greater support and participation to the future Balagokulam Magazine contests.

If you have questions regarding the contest results please contact at editor at balagokulam.org.

Name Category Prize
Rayna Palsule Age 11-13 Story 1
Parth Parihar Age 11-13 Story 2
Rohini Kopparam Age 11-13 Story 3
Aman Sharma Age 11-13 Essay 1
Parth Parihar Age 11-13 Essay 2
Soumya Murag Age 11-13 Essay 3
Juhee Dalal Age 11-13 Artwork 1
Jayni Patel Age 11-13 Artwork 2
Parth Patrihar Age 11-13 Artwork 3
Rohini Kopparam Age 11-13 Poem 1
Sneha Sharma Age 11-13 Poem 2
Pratik Kulkarni Age 11-13 Poem 3
Abhishek Kurup Age 14-17 Poem 1
Anurag Pandey Age 14-17 Poem 2
Kalpita Abhyankar Age 14-17 Poem 3
Anuruddha Kappagantu Age 5-7 Poem 1
Suraj Palaparty Age 5-7 Poem 2
Anuj Kankani Age 5-7 Poem 3
Paanjal Pgrawal Age 5-7 Art 1
Vidya Nayak Age 5-7 Art 2
Pooja Nitturkar Age 5-7 Art 3
Nisha Gopal Age 8-10 Poem 1
Sugam Sharma Age 8-10 Poem 2
Arav Arora Age 8-10 Poem 3
Nikita Shukla Age 8-10 Art 1
Neel Saunshi Age 8-10 Art 2
Akul Arora Age 8-10 Art 3
Manisha Singh Age 8-10 Essay 1
Ayush Sharma Age 8-10 Essay 2
Bhumika Joshi Age 8-10 Essay 3

Judging Criterion:

            The judging team comprised of usually three judges from different parts of the USA. We try to be fair and unbiased in choosing the judges. If you would like to help as a judge in further contests then please contact editor at balagokulam dot org. The judging criterion for different categories and age group varies accordingly. Usually we focus on theme, originality, content presentation, and suitability towards the objectives of the Balagokulam Magazine in general. Usually we also try to select contents that carry positive messages. However content that does not fit to the above description is also reviewed, given a careful consideration on a case by case basis before taking a final decision.

            Some of the contest entries that were submitted after the due date have not been considered for the judging. Unless stated otherwise we would consider these entries in appropriate categories for the next competitions.


            We give medals and certificates to all 1st and 2nd prize winners. Occasionally, we also give special certificates for some of the other entries as well. We are trying to be innovative in prizes for future contests.

What if I have some content not related to the contests?

            If you and especially a child has written or drawn a special content not related to the contest categories, we encourage you to send it to us at editor at balagokulam dot org, better you can upload it via web at Contest Upload page . However we are not able to guarantee that such content would be published in the Balagokulam magazine. Please make sure that the content is original in presentation and you have not submitted it anywhere else for publication.

For further questions, comments and suggestions regarding any of the aspect of the Balagokulam magazine please contact to editor at Balagokulam dot org.