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Balagokulam Magazine - Competitions Results

Balagokulam Magazine is very happy to announce the results of the contests conducted in February 2007. The Balagokulam Magazine Team would like to congratulate all the winners. We would also like to thank all of the participants, judges, parents and the subscribers for their support. We look forward for your greater support and participation to the future Balagokulam Magazine contests.

The winners shold expect the certificates and medals to reach them before End of April. If not please contact editor at balagokulam dot org in first week of May. Also, balagokulam magazine team does not have address of the winners whose city and state is not mentioned below. These winners should contact editor at balagokulam dot org giving their mailing address.

We'll be announcing the special prizes soon after taking into account overall feedback of judges.

If you have questions regarding the contest results please contact at editor at balagokulam.org.

Category Name City State
First and Below
Pranav Thatte FIRST Houston TX
Pranav Pusarla SECOND San Jose CA
Tanvee Joshi SECOND San Jose CA
Second - Fourth
Mayank Ahuja FIRST Richardson TX
Puja Vasan SECOND Santa Clara CA
Fifth - Seventh
Sreesh S Shenoy FIRST Spring TX
Bhumika Joshi SECOND San Jose CA
Eighth - Tenth
Sneha Sharma FIRST Irvine CA
Pavitra Muthu SECOND Providance RI
Second - Fourth
Shardul Chiplunkar FIRST Suunyvale CA
Puja Vasan SECOND Santa Clara CA
Fifth - Seventh
Rhea Palsule FIRST Irvine CA
Ameya Deshmukh SECOND Erie PA
Second - Fourth
Manasa Ponnapalli FIRST Parker CO
Shalin Desai SECOND Olmsted Falss OH
Fifth - Seventh
Soumya S Iyer FIRST Edison NJ
Sreesh Sunil Shenoy SECOND Spring TX
Eighth - Tenth
Pavitra Muthu SPECIAL MENTION Providence RI
First Grade and below
Sneha S Shenoy FIRST Spring TX
Madhumita Srinivasan SECOND Church CA
Second - Fourth Grade
Kimaya Goomer FIRST Cupertino CA
Varun S Iyer SECOND Springfield IL
Fifth - Seventh
Akshaya Bhaskar FIRST
Pallavi Sreeram SECOND San Jose CA
Eighth - Tenth Grade
Rayna Palsule SPECIAL MENTION Irvine CA