Unique Contest for children on Hindu Heritage
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Unique Contest for children on Hindu Heritage

Ages: K to 12th grade

         Group-1 : K to 2nd grade
         Group-2 : 3rd to 5th grade
         Group-3 : 6th to 8th grade (Middle schoolers)

Levels: Contest will be held at local (city) level. Depenidng on the place, there might be a regional Level 2 contest as well. Local chapters of Balagokulam/Shakha will make that decision.

Format and Timeline: Registration will be closed in February-2020. Exact date will be decided by local chapters. Classes will be held for 8 weeks on various topics on basics of Hindu Dharma starting early February in local chapters. This will be followed by a contest in mid-late April. Contact local chapters for more info or email dharmabee2020@balagokulam.org.