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Abinanandana Kryakrama at TakshaShila: Canton Balagokulam - January 07 2006:

On Jan 07 Saturday, Abhinandana Karyakram was held at Canton Blagokulam to congratulate and award medal and certificate to the Balagokulam 2005 contest winner winter Nisha Gopal and Aniruddha Kappagantu. They both participated in poem contest and achieved the first place award. Nish’s poem is all about Rainbow and Michigan Weather, Aniruudha‘s poem focus is Nature.

On this occasion we were honored by presence of Sensei Sharon Schleif of East West Martial Arts and Shree Shevade from Bharath. They both congratulated the winners and encouraged all other children to acquire samskras, be creative and participate in positive activities.

The short duration program, which was conducted by 8 years Sabrina, was filled with beautiful deshabakthi songs Vande Matharam and Jaya Jaya Bhagavthi sung by Balagokulam children and parents. There were about 30 adults and 30 children attended the program. This program also provided the opportunity for new parents and children to visit and learn about Balagokulam.

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