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SSV at the Canton Hindu Temple, MI on Sat, March 12, 2005 - A Report


Balagokulam Teachers Traing workshop held on March 12 was very successful.

Twenty four (24) teachers from various parts of Michigan participated actively and learned how to start and sustain a Balagokulam.

Madhav-ji from Madison, WI and Girish-ji from Chicago, IL, were the key members who took various sessions along with our local team ( Raghu-ji, Vijaya-ji, Siddhesh-ji, Shrikantji's, Sreedhar-ji, Rajeevji's and Me). The focus of the workshop was to prepare teachers to conduct Balagokulam in an effective and efficient way so that kids can enjoy while learning about our culture and history.

Highlights of various sessions:
1. In the first session (Intro to BG), Madhav-ji stressed the importance of Balagokulam where kids get to know our Hindu culture/history, discover their qualities/talents, make friends and much more. He pointed out Balagokulam adopts a technique of play and learn and it is not a competition to Balavihar or any other oganisation. Infact, we need more balagokulams/balavihars to promote our values/culture and to reach all hindus.

2. Games : Games played for more than 40 minutes. Girish-ji and Raghu-ji conducted this session. Mandal games, two teams games, individual games etc various types of games learnt by teachers while playing.

3. How to teach slokas/bajans/song: This was most interesting session of the day. One of most difficult part while teaching kids is getting their attention and responding to their questions and disturbances. Madhav-ji's shared his experience and offered tips/techniques that are necessary to implement.

Art of story telling :
Various things to considered in story telling: a. Age group b. Circumstances ( Telling story to kids in Bharat or in USA ) c. Type of story (Moral, mystery, fiction, inspirational)

Dramatical manner: Kids will show more interest if a persons narrating a story with expressions and actions. Teachers should ensure that a kid metally contruct an imagination in his/her mind. Vijaya-ji perfectly demonstrated turle and Rabit story in an dramatical manner.

4. Action plan: * Aimed at starting two balagokulam's in this year. * Emphasized on periodic training and hindu heritage camps, one due in April 2/3.

Thank you all who made this a wonderful event.

Anand Pappuri

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