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Saraswati Puja : Samarth Shakha Sunnyvale CA - Feb 13 2005

Program started with Ganesh Vandana (Prayers to Lord Ganesha) followed by Saraswati Vandana. After which there was a power point presentation about this festival. There was Group Song (Samuhik Geet) by Swaranjali (our Musical Group) singing glories of Goddesses and about universal peace and harmony. And then Guru introduction and felicitation by kids.

There were 15 teachers from different school districts and one principal. Kids offered prayers (guru vandana), gifts and words of praise to their teachers. There was 15 minutes power point presentation about "Saraswati Puja". Teachers from different schools and backgrounds had overwhelming experience of the culture and values which revere teachers.

Some of the teachers' comments.

Roxanne Wolff
-Program was wonderful
-Really Liked dancing and Singing.
-It was very nice how students introduced their teachers.
-Lots of Great information

Darlene Thrasher
-I appreciated this opportunity to know more about Hindu Culture, What wonderful values you are instilling in your children - the desire to learn, respect for others, kindness, self-confidence, sharing with others, to name just a few. I enjoyed the dances and chants performed by the children. There is much which American culture can learn from Indian Culture

Iman Elrefaie
-I was happy to attend this celebration on Sunday Feb 13. It was very good chance to know what other culture traditions and celebrations. It was very good to know that in your culture, you do respect the teachers and the person who is teaching you anything if it was in regular school or language school or study school. I know that the teacher is always big role model to the student, so it is really good to have some special relation between both of them. Again thank you so much for the invitation.

Megan Tarten
-Thank you so much for inviting me and for making all of us feel so appreciated and celeberated.

Susan Harter
-I was able to come to your program last year and have used your posters in the classroom. Thank you for the books today (The Bhagwad Gita)

Katie Angarano
-I really enjoyed my experience of learning today. I sit with thoughts and feelings that have not yet become words to express. Thank you for your open hearts and minds. Namaste

The gifts to the teachers were
- Book. Title "Why do we ..". which explains in simple language, our customs and traditions. why do we put bindi (dot) on our forehead, why do we touch our elder's feet, why do we take our shoes out when we enter the house etc.
- Gist of Bhagvat Gita (Small booklets)
- Balagokulam Children's Magazine.
- Ganesha Ji's idol and Ganesha Symbolism. Each teacher was explained about lord Ganesha and the significance of the different parts and his vehicle mouse.
- Booklet of Vedic Mathematics.

The program ended with Indian sweets and snacks. We had wonderful experience conducting Saraswati Puja (Guru puja). It was great opportunity for kids and their parents to show the appreciation and respect we have for teachers, who are heart of our efforts to make this world a better place. Even Karyakartas called their old teachers. Lot of Kids said they want to call more teachers next time.

Sunnyvale shakha karyakarini

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