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Nominations for Sharada Mahotsav Award

Download Nomination Form in .doc format.

Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh Balagokulam in New Jersey is conducting Sharada Mahotsav on Sunday December 5th 2004. During the event we will be recognizing children for their extraordinary achievements. We are seeking nominations and the criteria for eligibility is given below:

Achieved recognition at international, national, state or county level
Winner of contests (Consolation Prizes are also welcome)
Sports, arts, dance, academic (county level and above), spell bee and any achievement in the community
Age group 4 - 17 years
Preferably resident of tri-state area but not limited to.

Six (6) or more awards will be presented for different age groups as decided by the panel. Decision of Panel is final.
Award includes $100 Cash Prize, a plaque and a certificate
Any nomination that serves as "role model" will be considered. The award:

should impact either larger Indian and/or local community
should meet "role model" criteria

We welcome sponsorships for the event and cash awards. We will also welcome volunteers for the program.

Contact information for nomination forms and others is given below.

Jyothi Vazirani    Tel: 732-726-0674 (Jyothi Vazirani)
Nomination Co-ordinator    Tel: 908-791-9613 (Vijaya Turimella)
1203 Evergreen Forest
Avenel, NJ 07001
e-mail: Infohssnj@yahoo.com

Nominations forms must be returned by November 19, 2004.

Download Nomination Form in .doc format.