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Children's Corner - Arts & Crafts - Flowers on Twigs

Material: Coffee filters, white masking tape, 2-3small spray bottles, red/yellow food coloring, dry sturdy twigs, green/brown acrylic colors (optional). 

How to make:

Collect dry sturdy twigs of any tree. Wash and dry them since you will be handling them. Color them green or brown or leave it the natural way.

Make a solution of food coloring in water and fill it in the spray bottle. Make different colored water if you wish. Take a single coffee filter and spray the color on it and let dry.

Place the coffee filter flat on your palm and point your other hand finger at the center and cover it over like an closed umbrella. This way you get the natural folds on the coffee filter as in a real flower.

Open the coffee filter gently and attach the pointed center to the end of a twig with a piece of masking tape wrapping around. This should look like a flower growing on a branch. Try on multiple branches too. If you like color the twigs brown/green or leave it as it is.

Now arrange them in a jar or an urn. You can make a bud by cutting the coffee filter in half, then making a cone so that the edges are the open side. Close the open side on a twig and secure with masking tape.

A fast and easy project is ready. Enjoy! If you are choosing to color the twigs brown or green, then accordingly paint the masking tape.


You can use a spray candy bottle for coloring after cleaning it.

Courtesy: Smita Gadre.

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