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Children's Corner - Quiz - Dashaavatara

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Q1. Name the first reincarnation (avatar) of Lord Vishnu?
Ans:Kurma (Tortoise) Matsya (Fish) Varaha (Wild Boar) Narasimha (Man-lion)

Q2. Which avatar did Vishnu Bhagwan take to save his devotee Prahalad?
Ans:Narasimha (Man-lion) Vamana (Dwarf) Varaha (Wild Boar) Kurma (Tortoise)

Q3. The Kurma (Tortoise) avatar helped in which mythological event?
Ans: Slaying Hiranyakashyapu Samudra-Manthan Helping Rama cross the ocean to Lanka Rescuing mother Earth from the depths of the underworld

Q4. Which two avatars are major characters of the two epics of Indian mythology (Ramayana and Mahabharata)?
Ans: Rama and Parshurama Parshurama and Vamana Krishna and Parshurama Rama and Krishna

Q5. Which Vishnu avatar occurs in both the epics Ramayana and Mahabharata?
Ans: Hanuman Parshurama Krishna Rama

Q6. Which avatar has not yet descended on Earth?
Ans:Vamana Parshurama Varaha Kalkin

Q7. Which avatar took the mythological three strides over earth, sky and oceans?
Ans:Vamana Parshurama Kurma Krishna

Q8. Hanuman, Avatar of Lord Shiva, helped which Vishnu Avatar?
Ans: Krishna Kalkin Parshurama Rama


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