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Children's Corner - Quiz - Mahabharat II

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Q1. What was the name of Dronacharya's son?
Ans:Ashwathama Karan Shalya Abhimanyu

Q2. After escaping from the burning shellac palace, in which village did the Pandavas live in disguise as Brahmins?
Ans:Panchala Ekachakrapura Hastinapur Magadha

Q3. Who seized Draupadi by her hair and dragged her into the court?
Ans: Duryodhana Duhshasana Vidura Drushtadyumna

Q4. For whom was the epithet Vasudeva used?
Ans: Krishna Arjuna Nakula Bheema

Q5. What was the real name of Draupadi?
Ans: Krishna Madri Gandhari Uttara

Q6. With what instrument does Drona take out the ring in the well?
Ans:Rope Sword Arrow Spear

Q7. What was the name of Ghatotkacha's mother ?
Ans:Ganga Radha Hidimbaa Gandhari

Q8. What was the real name of Bheeshma?
Ans: Dritarashtra Pandu Dronacharya Devavrata

Q9. Who taught Duryodhana how to wield a mace?
Ans: Dronacharya Balarama Shalya Karan

Q10. Who was the mother of Sage Vedavyasa?
Ans: Ganga Satyawati Gandhari Draupadi


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