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Children's Corner - Quiz - Ramayan I

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Q1. This sage was the chief sage (advisor) to king Dasharatha
Ans:Vishwamitra Agasthya Vashishta Ravana

Q2. Sita’s father lived here , his capital city
Ans:Mithila Kishkindha Ayodhya Chitrakoot

Q3. She , Ravana’s sister lived in the forests of panchavati , wanted to marry Sri Ram
Ans: Sumitra Mandodari Shurpanakha Sita

Q4. This rakshasa lures Rama away from the ashrama by becoming the magical golden deer
Ans: Maricha Kabandha Tataka Sampati

Q5. This bird fights with Ravana and gets killed by him when ravana was taking Sita to Lanka
Ans: Hanuman Jatayu Garuda Sampati

Q6. This rakshasa (he has no head or legs but only two arms) gets released by the curse when Ram kills him in the forests
Ans:Atisura Kabandha KumbhaKarna Bakasura

Q7. Rama belongs to this race or dynasty
Ans:Chandra Huna Chola Ikshvaku

Q8. Ayodhya is on the banks of this river
Ans: Ganga Kaveri Saraswati Sarayu

Q9. Dasharatha does this yagna to pray to the gods and gets four sons
Ans: Ashwamedha RajaSuya Putrakameshti whatever

Q10. Dasharatha was the king of this kingdom
Ans: Vijayanagar Koshala Mithila Indrasprastha


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