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Children's Corner - Quiz - Ramayan II

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Q1. This maid advises Kaikeyi to ask dasharatha to make Bharatha , the king of Koshala
Ans:Devi Tataka Manthara Parvathi

Q2. Dasharatha was cursed by the parents of this boy, becaused he had killed him
Ans:Ekalavya Karna Shravana Abhimanyu

Q3. Bharatha takes these things from Rama , before going back to Ayodhya from the forest
Ans: Towels Keys Paduka/slippers Weapons

Q4. Rama releases this lady from the curse (she had become a rock having been cursed by her husband , sage Gautama )
Ans: Mandodari Sumithra Ahalya Sita

Q5. Shurpanakha goes to these brothers to complain after Laxmana cuts off her nose and ears
Ans:  Luv and Kush Krishna and Balarama Duryodhana and Dushyasana Khara and Dooshana

Q6. Sri Rama comes across this great sage in the forests of central India (Hint : This sage is also associated with some interesting stories: Killing of Vataapi, Stopping growth of Vindhya mountains )
Ans:Agasthya Vashishta Vishwamitra Rajaneesh

Q7. When the army of Vaanaras goes in search of Sita he, brother of Jatayu, gives information about Ravana’s whereabouts
Ans:Jambavantha Angada Sampati Mareecha

Q8. He, brother of Ravana , leaves him to join Sri Rama after Ravana fails to listen to his advice to return Sita to Rama’s custody
Ans: Kumbhakarna Dooshana Vibhishana Jarasandha

Q9. This old saintly lady had been waiting for Rama for years in the forest and Rama and Laxmana meet her and taste the fruits given by her. She had tasted each of those fruits so that she would not give any bitter ones to Sri Rama
Ans: Shabari Gandhari Manthara Hidambi

Q10. Rama makes friendship with this vanara king living in the forests who had been banished from his kingdom by his brother Baali . Later his vaanara army helps Rama in finding Sita.
Ans: Angada Sugreeva Kapaali Jambavantha


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