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Children's Corner - Quiz - Ramayan III

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Q1. Jambavantha inspires this vaanara to realise his strength and cross the sea to go to Lanka and find out about Sita
Ans:Hanuman Sugreeva Baali Angada

Q2. This son of Ravana ties up Hanuman by using Brahmastra and brings him to the court of Ravana
Ans:Aksha IndraJit Khara Vibhishana

Q3. This vaanara , son of Vishwakarma the architect of the heaven, helps build the bridge for Rama’s army to cross over to Sri Lanka
Ans: Angada Neela Sugreeva Jambavantha

Q4. Indrajit ties up the whole army of Rama with Sarpastra (snake weapon ) and this god comes by to help Sri Rama
Ans: Indra Kubera Garuda Nakula

Q5. Ravana wakes up this brother to help him out in the war. This brother had a curse that he would sleep 6 months in a year and it was his sleeping time when the war started.
Ans: Vibhishana Khara Dooshana Kumbhakarna


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