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Madison Balagokulam children to raise funds to support Tsunami affected children

While local Hindu organization (AHA) is collecting funds to help out Tsunami victims in South India and Sri Lanka, Balagokulam children have focussed on raising funds to support Tsunami affected children. Balagokulam children have decided to sponsor about 100 school children in the affected areas thru Sewa International. A simple amount of $20/child will cover a child's exam fee, notebooks and 3 pairs of cloths for the academic year 2005.

Balagokulam children are doing the following
  • Prepared collection boxes out of waste material
  • Put them in local grocery stores
  • Both Girls and Boys teams are seperately planning a secret event to raise funds which will be matched generously by donors. Since the events are secret, we are not supposed to reveal yet. But here they are...ie, 1) Auction some items donated by families, 2) arrange a dance celebration, 3) mehndi booth at a local event. Teachers and parents are helping them.
  • At the end of the month, all the money will be collected and some more matching-grants will be worked out. The final amount will go to Tsunami affected school children thru AHA/Sewa International (Check http://sewausa.org/reports/AP-survey.html and scroll to the bottom to find the details).
  • Children will be presented with certificates for their effort and recognized in a big event planned by all the local organizations in Madison.

Attached is a picture of Balagokulam children preparing the material for collection. More than anything, the children felt that they have to react in such times of calamity to lend a helping hand.

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