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Wisconsin State Journal covers Tsunami relief efforts by Balagokulam teenagers in Madison

As you are aware, some teenagers from the Madison Balagokulam have started collecting funds for Tsunami victims, specially children who lost everything. The teenagers have decided to support 100 such children both in South-India and Sri Lanka. Even though it is a drop in ocean, they realized each drop makes the ocean. Ever since they took this effort, a lot of news media is interested in covering their noble thought. The children definitely deserve this attention. Some children have requested money in stead of gifts for their birthday and some have contributed their small savings. Balagokulam teachers and parents are really appreciative of what the children have done. This is truely putting in practice what they learn in Balagokulam and at home.

Encourage your child to do anything in their capacity. Encourage them to draw pictures, collect money or participate in the children events.

The original article by Elizabeth Wachowski published by Wisconsin State Journal can be accessed at http://www.madison.com/archives/read.php?ref=wsj:2005:01:23:401309:LOCAL/WISCONSIN

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