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Balagokulam Guide
Activities for 90 minutes

Cheerful, enthusiastic and cordial atmosphere is at the heart of a successful Balagokulam. Physical fitness, knowledge and pride of Hindu Dharma, ability to work together in team and social awareness are being inculcated through various programs. The activities can be broadly classified as 'Sharirik' and 'Baudhik' - the physical and intellectual activities.

The programs depend on the available floor space and number of children. Following is a suggestion for 90 minutes session. You may change the order of programs.

Assembly5 min
Exercises5 min
Games30 min
Surya Namaskar5 min
Shloka, Bhajans20 min
Story/Discussion20 min
Prarthana5 min

It is better conduct the activities in different groups based on their age.

Other Events

There can be a variety of activities to bring out the creative power within the children and Shikshaks and also to make them good team players. Here are some ideas that have been found successful. Please experiment and come out with new activities and share with us so that other Balagokulams can benefit from your experiments.

  • Clay Modeling - Especially for Ganesh pooja, children can make murti of Ganesh themselves.
  • Rangoli - Demonstration and some hands on training.
  • Projects on modeling temples with cardboard, foam, sticks, etc.
  • Teerth Yatra or Pilgrimage (Visit to temples in your town).
  • Sahal (Picnic) with all the families to build family level bonding.
  • Seva: Visit to convalescent hospitals, children's wards in hospitals, soup kitchens, etc.
  • A presentation by social workers group or teenage counselors about challenges facing American society today.
  • Sports Day
  • Competitions in chanting shlokas, singing songs, speaking, etc.
  • Art of Skit writing and acting
  • Hindu Jeopardy/Quiz
  • Dialogue between parents and children (For teenagers)
  • Celebrating Hindu festivals in schools.
  • Teaching how to read and write Devnagari script
  • Preparing posters on different topics: Can be group projects

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