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As we walk through the world history, we can easily conclude that the most of the countries were under the control of foreign invaders/rulers either for a small time (30-40 years) or for a long time (100 to 300 years). The main purpose of the foreign invaders was to bring as much area as possible under their control. They not only looted local people but also destroyed their cultural heritage such as buildings, religious/sacred places, books, etc. They captured other countries either by force or by diplomacy. There are very few countries in the world those have never ever invaded any other countries. Bharat (India) is one of them. 

In the 18th century, America was also invaded and ruled by British. America struggled a lot for her freedom. The great heroes of America fought back, defeated British and made her free from the shackles of them. Isn’t it great! People of America are always thankful to them. They celebrate 4th of July as America’s Independence Day. You may ask, “What is Independence Day?” It is the day when America got freedom and independent sovereign of their own people. This glorious and memorable day is celebrated throughout America as an Independence Day.

Bharat (India), too, was under the control of foreign people. During the beginning of Christian era, she was invaded and looted by so many foreigners. Do you know why so many foreign invaders invaded Bharat? It is because Bharat is the oldest civilization with glorious past. She was rich in culture, diverse but still united. She was a beautiful country spiritually and geographically. Bharat was wealthy too. No one was poor. Bharat had enormous of knowledge in terms of science, mathematics and spirituality. Bharatiya People’s behavior and character was extremely high. In those days, there was no other country but Bharat, which was so big, beautiful and advanced in all fields. No wonder! Invaders from the middle-east had their lustful eyes on Bharat. Around three thousand years back, they started attacking Bharat to concur her. But the great heroes of Bharat such as the King Harshavardhan, King Chandragupta, King Shalivahana, King Vikramaditya and many more fought back and defeated the invaders. We do remember them when we chant our ekatmata (Bharat-Bhakti) stotra.  Just like America, Bharat too was ruled by British. Around 300 years back British came to Bharat as traders. Gradually they started taking interest in politics. Unfortunately Bharat, though culturally united, did not have one rule and administration by that time. It was divided in several small kingdoms. British took the advantage of this situation and applied divide-and-rule formula. Sometimes using political tactics and sometimes winning battle, they took control of entire  Bharat and soon they became of the rulers of Bharat. 

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During the independence, broadly there were two major movements fighting  for the independence; non-revolutionaries and revolutionaries. Non-revolutionaries adapted a way of non-violence. They applied peaceful and legitimate means such as protest against British, non-cooperation with them and constitutional agitation. Mahatma Gandhi, Sardar Vallabh-bhai Patel were the first row leaders of this  movement. On the other side, revolutionaries wanted to attain freedom by hook or by crook. They would do anything to make Bharat independent. They would not hesitate to kill British whenever required. They were ready to sacrifice their own lives. Some handful names of the revolutionaries are Swa. Savarkar, Subhash Chandra Bose, Lok. Tilak, Bhagat Singh, ChandraShekhar Azad. Though the path of these movements was different, objective was same – freedom!

There was one person who was not happy with both the revolutionary and non-revolutionary movements for freedom. In the beginning he participated in both movements. But he was not happy with the leaders, their thoughts and their paths. His name was Dr. Keshav Baliram Hedgewar! Yes! Our Doctorji. He wondered, “Why  the land of Ram, Sita, Krishna, Rana Pratap and Shivaji had become so weak. Howcould a handful of British (25000 in number) control such a huge nation (Bharat), August History  with a population of 300 million” He concluded that British dedication, loyalty to their country and excellent organizational skills were the secrets of their success. This was what Bharat lacked. For a living nation, an organized people and good administration is essential.

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Doctorji thought more about the Bharat than just a freedom. Once talking to his associates he asked, “Even if we are successful to kick out British, what is the guarantee that they won’t come back? And even after the freedom, can we get our country to the pinnacle of Glory?”.  Then he adapted a different way! He started an organization, Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) to organize the people and fill them up with patriotism, make them realize their true identity, make them dedicated and ready for sacrifice, make them proud of their glorious culture and make them think more about society and country than self. Such organized people will ensure not only freedom but also glorious future. Doctorji started Sangh around 80 years back. Sangh’s work rapidly increased in all parts of the country and now it has been proved a major force in the progress of Bharat. 

At last, the day came when Bharat got freedom. With everybody’s efforts and after the sacrifices of thousands, Bharat attained her freedom on the August 15th of 1947. Now the Bharat is governed and ruled by her own people. Having a breakthrough in all major fields, she is progressing by leaps and bound and climbing towards the pinnacle of glory. 

This is the brief story of Independence of Bharat. But what was the purpose of presenting  it before us? Why do we care about Bharat? It is because Bharat is our forefather’s country. Our roots are originated in Bharat. She is our spiritual country too. Bharat is the first country where our Hindu culture, our Hindu Dharma flourished. Isn’t it? Having this relationship with Bharat, it becomes our responsibility to care for her. The way we care for America, we should also care for Bharat.

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