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Qualities of a Swayamsevak or Sevika

Swayamsevak or a Sevika stands for a person who is self-motivated to do good for others and be a role model. Below, we will find some of the qualities we have to imbibe in oneself to become a ideal Swayamsevak/Sevika.

  • Respect to Parents, Guru (Teacher) and all living and non living entities. Love towards self, family, friends and the community, country. Remember the story of Sravana Kumar, who took care of his blind parents. He is our ideal, our role model.

  • Being good and helpful to others. Can you remember the best and ideal Swaymasevak? Yes, Lord Hanuman. He had all the good qualities like being the best of the learned, being helpful without expecting anything in return. There are a lot of such examples. Can you guess one more person whom you know was very helpful to others?

  • Always punctual - to Balagokulam/Shakha, and also at Home, School and outside. Did the Sun God ever feel tired of rising in the morning or setting in the evening? Just imagine, if the Sun or Wind God wanted to take a break?

  • Being Disciplined - From morning till evening, one should be organized. For example, when we get up from bed, remembering to say the shloka

    Karaagre vasate Lakshmi
    Karamadhye Saraswati
    Kara muule to GovindaH
    Prabhaate kara darshanam

    - till the end of the day, one should maintain cleanliness, be polite in speech and actions, etc. A simple habbit we should learn is to keep our shoes in line where ever we leave them, whether at Home, Shakha, Temple or any place. Can you think of some examples in our history who were role models in good habits like this?

  • Be strong and healthy physically and emotionally.

  • Good Character - for example, non-injury or non-violence, speaking truth, non-stealing, non-indulgence, non-covetousness (or being selfless) are some examples of Good Samskar or Good Character. Lord Rama had all these good qualities and many more. Read Ramayana - the story of Sri Rama. It has a lot to offer this world. Do you know Ramayana was translated into lot of European, Asian languages? Sri Rama is considered an ideal person born on this Earth.

  • Sharing and Caring - It is said, by sharing one's wealth (knowledge, money or anything) with others, the value of the wealth increases.

  • Caring - The concept of Seva:

  • Self-confidence - This is the most important for a Swayamsevak/Sevika. Revered Doctorji, the founder of Sangh, was a person of self-confidence. The incidents from his childhood teach us, what a single individual can achieve. Once a person was being chased by a monkey. A person standing by shouted at this running person. "Stop running and chase the monkey". You can guess what happened next. The monkey started running.... Chatrapati Shivaji didnot have anything with him, when he took the oath of establishing a Hindu kingdom. With his mother and teacher's blessing, he could bring together thousands of Hindus and build a strong Hindu kingdom.

  • Walk the Talk - Always practice what you speak. The world respects those who can show in practice what they speak. A vessel half filled with stones makes more noise than the same vessel filled completely.

  • Friendly and Influential: A Swayamsevak/Sevika should have many friends and the friends should be influenced by our character.

  • Devotion or Shraddha - This is the basis for all good work in the world. Without devotion, how much ever a person might achieve, it is useless.

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