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Meaning of Sangh Prarthana

'Prarthanaa' means prayer. In Sangh, we sing Prarthanaa at the end of every Shakha. It is a collective vow. Prarthana sheds light on the following questions.

  1. Whom are we praying to?
  2. Who are we?
  3. What qualities are we praying for?
  4. What is our collective vision, mission ?
  5. What is our means to realize that vision ?
  6. Firm conviction that this is divine mission - God's work

This topic is to be covered in two weeks. In each week, practice how to sing and then explain the meaning of Prarthana.

Whom are we praying to?

Sarva Mangala Maangalyaam
Deveem Sarvaartha Saadhikaam
Sharanyaam Sarva Bhootanaam
Namaamo Bhoomi Mataram (1)
Sachchidaanada Roopaaya
Vishwa Mangala Hetave
Vishwa Dharmaika Moolaaya
Namostu Paramaatmane(2)

First two stanzas provide answer to this question. First, we are offering our salutations to Mother Earth. Mother Earth is described as the auspiciousness of all that is auspicious, fulfiller of all our needs and the refuge of all the beings. Since the Vedic times, Earth has always been looked upon as Mother and is respected by Hindus. Truly it is Mother Earth, who fulfills all our necessities and provide the shelter for all the beings. Exploitation of earth and nature in general is deplored in our traditions. Mother earth has enough resources to satisfy every one's need but not their greed.

Next, we offer our salutations to God, who is described as the very embodiment of truth, consciousness and bliss. God is also addressed as the source of all good things happening in the world. God is also the source for Dharma, which upholds the universe.

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Who are "We"

Vishwa Dharma Vikaasartham
Prabho Sanghatitaa Vayam
Shubhaam Aashisham Asmabhayam
Dehi Tat Paripoortaye (3)

In the 3rd stanza, we introduce ourselves as people who are getting organized for the sake of spreading and blossoming of 'vishwa dharma' (universal dharma). To realize this grand vision, we are seeking the blessings of the God.

What are we praying for?

Ajayyam Aatma Saamarthyam
Susheelam Loka Poojitam
Gyanam Cha Dehi Vishwesha
Dhyeya Maarga Prakaashakam (4)

We are praying God to make us better equipment to fulfill this noble mission. In the above stanza, we are asking God to bless us with three qualities.

'Ajayyam Aatma Saamarthyam' - Invincible Strength: We should be strong so that no one would dare insult us, offend us. Our strength is not to do harm to any one, but to ensure that no one does harm to us. The world understands the language of Strength. The world respects and worships Strength. That's why Hindus worship Mother Durga, the Goddess of Strength.

'Susheelam loka puujitam' - Good character that commands respect from all: Along with the physical strength, we should possess good character. Strength without character is dangerous to the society. Character without strength is not of much use.

Dhyeya maarga prakaashakam Jnaanam: Knowledge that would throw light upon our mission: Here we are asking for the right knowledge that would enlighten us and bring clarity in our minds about our chosen mission.

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Material progress and Spiritual upliftment

SamutKarshostuno Nityam
Nishreyasa Samanvitah
Tatsaadhakam Sphuratwantah
Suveera Vratamujwalam (5)

Our aim is to achieve splendid material progress and facilitate spiritual development of each individual. The two phrases, 'samutkarsha' and 'nishreyasa' convey these two concepts of material and spiritual progress.
We pray for that enlightening vow to realize such a society to spring from our hearts.

Let our commitment to the cause be firm

Vishwa Dharma Prakaashena
Vishwa Shaanti Pravartake
Hindu Sanghatanaa Kaarye
Dhyeya Nishthaa Sthiraastunah (6)

We want to achieve world peace and harmony in the light of our universal Dharma. In this mission of organizing people towards that, let our commitment be firm.

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Our grand Vision - Pinnacle of Glory

Sangha Shaktir Vijetreeyam
Krutvaasmad Dharma Rakshanam
Paramam Vaibhavam Praaptum
Samarthaastu Tavaashisha (7)

Our grand vision is to establish peace and harmony in the world. It will be a glory to the human civilization whereby every individual can realize his or her potential to the fullest. The means to achieve this is by protecting the 'Dharma'. We are seeking your blessings so that this organized strength will be triumphant.

This is God's work. Offerings

Tvadiiye Punya Kaaryesmin
Vishwa KalyaaNa Saadhake
Tyaaga Seva Vratasyaayam
Kaayome Patatu Prabho (8)

This mission of welfare of the entire humanity is God's work. We are only instruments in this noble task. We are praying God that let our life be offered in this life of sacrifice and service.

|| Victory to the Universal Dharma ||

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