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Chaitra Shukla Navami - The ninth day of the bright half of Chaitra

This is the holy day when Sri Rama was born.

" Wherever four Hindus live, Rama and Sita will be there " - said Swami Vivekananda, one of the pioneers of modern Hindu renaissance. The reverse is also equally true - wherever Rama and Sita live, the people there will remain and live as Hindus.

RamaEvery hill and rivulet of Bharat bears the imprint of the holy feet of Rama and Sita. Sri Rama reigns supreme to this day in the hearts of our people, cutting across all barriers of province, language, caste or sect. In many northern parts of Bharat mutual greetings take the form of Jay Ramjee Ki and Ram -Ram.

Sri Rama has become so much identified with all the good and great qualities.

Sri Rama's story, Ramayan, has been sung and re-sung in all the languages and dialects of the world. The tradition of writing epics centering round the saga of Rama's achievements started by Valmiki in Samskritam and was continued by Tulsidas in Hindi, by Kamban in Tamil, by Ramanujan in Malayalam, by Krittivasa in Bengali and Madhav Kambali in Assamia and in fact, in almost every Bharatiya language. The influence of Ramayan can be seen in many eastern countries like Indonesia and Bali.

Sri Rama represents the ideal in every aspect. He is the ideal son, ideal brother, ideal husband and ideal king.

Click for the illustrated version of Ramayan

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