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Illustrated Ramayan - continued

The Demon sister of Ravana saw Rama and in order to tempt Rama, she took a shape of a pretty girl. But Lakshmana saw who she was and punished her by cutting her nose and ears. Ravana was furious and wanted revenge and decided to kidnap their wife Sita, despite knowing that his head would blow up, if he touched or desired any other's wife.

Ravana was afraid of Rama and thus send a Demon in shape of a Golden deer. Seeing the deer, Sita was tempted and asked Rama to catch it.

The Deer led Rama a long way and when Rama shot it, it changed into Demon and imitated Rama's voice to cry out " O SITA----- O LAKSHMANA ". Hearing the voice, Sita thought Rama was in danger and asked Lakshmana to go to his help.

Ravana who was waiting for just this opportunity, disguised as a holy man, approached Sita for alms. When Sita stepped close, she found that it was Demon Ravana, and she fainted at the spot. But Ravana did not touch her as he had a curse on him, so he broke the piece of ground on which Sita was lying and headed towards Lanka.

Now, Rama's father's friend, Jatayu saw Ravana and asked him to free Sita, but ravana killed Jatayu.

Rama went around the forest calling Sita, but could not find her.

Ravana took Sita to Lanka and imprisoned her in a garden named ASHOK VATIKA and gave her a time of 12 months to decide whether to marry Ravana or not.

Hanuman saw Rama in the jungle and showed him the jewelery of Sita and took him to the king of monkeys Sugreeva, who promised to help Rama if He could kill Bali, who had taken away Sugreeva's property and wife.

Since both Sugreeva and Bali were very alike, Rama made Sugreeva wear a Garland around his neck and then shot dead Bali.

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